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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rocky Gets Sassy

Rocky sasses the Doberman
 Dear Readers -- Wow, are we lucky! Another update from Palomino & her four-footeds.  Enjoy! Terri
HI ya'll  

Here are a couple of pix of our little Terror.  Just kidding - he is definitely one who is happy with himself and knows what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it.

He scared me to death today though.  He was outside and some friends were over and he started screeching.  Sounded like he was dying.  But he just wanted to let us know that HE IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION TO.  I was truly scared though = cuz it sounded awful.  But he was fine and just making sure we knew he was there.

Now that he has passed the 3 week mark we are deciding who to put in with him.  I would love to put HB in, but he is simply not fast enough if Rocky starts to let fly.  HB is very happy, but kind of like an old man.  So we will either put DaBubbles or Patches in with him.  Even though it is extremely important, it is always a little bit nerve racking to put babies with others.  Rocky is quite a bit bigger than the mini's, and i know kicking and playing is an inherent part of what they do, but I still worry.....  Oh well - guess all the mommies do.

He was pretty mad because he didn't get to decide when playtime was over and I made him play outside for a little bit longer than he wanted.  He stood outside the door and gave me the "what for".  

It's funny, because he wants to eat everything that exists, or at the very least chew on it.  And he can reach further and further.  Pretty soon I will have everything so high I won't be able to reach it either.  But I give him an apple and he does great.  He gets to chew and I don't have to worry about what he is chewing.

Hopefully these pix are all the correct size for easy viewing.

He is getting lots of visitors and we welcome ya'll.

Palomino & The Gang

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 3:08 PM

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Comments: Thank you for taking in the orphans, Terri. Your selfless touches my heart.
Mothering of all minds is always a challenge, paying back the frustrations with many rewards to our hearts.
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