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Terri Farley
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Rescue of Romeo

Dear Readers, I promised to share more about Romeo, the foal rescued by wild horse angels Palomino Armstrong and the real Mrs. Allen. Here's a first note from Mrs. Allen: 6-7-12 We got a call on Romeo,an orphan foal from Lockwood area in Reno, in early evening. As is mostly the case with our orphan babies we don't know what circumstance led to Romeo being orphaned only that he was VERY dehydrated, somewhat malnourished, has upper respiratory infection, a weak back leg from an older injury. He had ticks and was very weak and not doing well mentally or physically when we got to him. Thank goodness some folks in Lockwood had been watching him for a couple of days and called one of our wild horse advocates that looks out for the horses on that side of the range. He's doing very well so far but it will be good to get past that 2 week window to know if Romeo has ANYTHING else going on. Since that first note, the wild horse angels' and Romeo have battled Romeo's inability to drink water and dehydration. They feared lyme disease from his many tick bites, and though Romeo is up and drinking after a very scary day and night, he's had some blood tests which will tell what's going on inside. In the meantime, he's in skilled and loving hands. Best, Terri

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