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Terri Farley
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

WILD HORSES KILLED, out of kindness I suppose

 Stallion fights back against helicopter
 Photo by Stephanie Martin/Tara Tucker,

What did you do last Sunday? 
 BLM admits to destroying at least 3 mustangs in Jackson Mountains. Why did they doom these wild horses? They deemed it humane because 

A yearling with a low body condition score was "unlikely to improve"

A 9 year old stallion had a "deformed right leg due to a pre-existing fracture to the knee"  

A 17 year old stallion showed a "severe developmental limb deformity"

How did these wild horses survive for years in the wild and then, after being pursued and harassed by a helicopter, and then stampeded for miles, exhibit "non-gather related" conditions so extreme, they had to be killed out of kindness?

Tiny foals stampeded, chased and roped in Jackson Mountain

Photo by Stephanie Martin/Tara Tucker,

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