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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update from Palomino

 Dear Readers,
Here's the latest update from Palomino, about baby Rocky. Enjoy!  Terri


Just a quick note.  Rocky is doing wonderfully.  He is in Dayton with Matt and I, and our friends are staying with the boys to "watch the farm" haha.
Rocky, pretty boy

We went for his first "walk down the real road" tonight.  He did very well, but he did think that the cars were extremely scary the first time one went by.  But by the 3rd one, he wasn't quite so scared.  He is learning his commands quite quickly and is growing into a very strong young colt.  He would approach the other horses in the corral and stop about a foot away.  He isn't acknowledging them yet, but he will when he is ready.  
Rocky meets a scary horsey!

Every time Rocky met someone (people) new he would sniff them, back up, pin back his ears and stomp his feet.  I kept feeling like he was looking for someone.  I believe he was, as when he sniffed Shirley today, he definitely did not pin his ears or back up.  He started nuzzling her and seemed right at home.  Shirley was the first one who fed Rocky when we got him and he definitely is not forgetting her.  He was so excited to see her!  It's like his long lost mommy is back.  So he has two mommies for now.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:29 PM

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Comments: Aww ... How sweet that must have been for Shirley to be remembered by Rocky!
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