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Friday, November 23, 2012

Mad Characterization Skills

Dear Reader/Writers,

What does an editor mean when she says she appreciates complex characters
That she'll see you've given your characters positive & negative traits? That your characters don't all have super-model good looks, a perfect home and faithful friends? Sure, but most of what makes a character complex is invisible.

Quick How-To: 


Answer these three question --

1.  I probably came up with this idea becauseā€¦
2.  One secret my main character will never tell anyone...
3.  Here's how my antagonist's best friend describes him/her...

Keep those 3 answers inside your brain. 

Refuse to make your hero's shame/regret/failure part of the story,, and you'll write in a way that lets your readers will feel he is humble and human beneath his accomplishments.
If you know a pal admires your villain's inability to resist old dogs and daisies, the knowledge infuses the words coming from your fingertips and your bad guy won't be a stereotype.

Have fun!

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