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Terri Farley
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Friday, July 06, 2012

Write me to Freedom: plea from fictional foal's real twin

Dear Readers,
This book cover shows Tempest, daughter of the Phantom Stallion and Dark Sunshine. In my stories, she lives in captivity despite her mustang heritage, but her welcome to the world was marked by quiet care, full-time nuzzling, milk from her mother and love.
This photo by Laura Leigh, shows a tiny mustang foal who looks a lot like Tempest. Range-born, her peace lasted until predator helicopters stampeded her on new hooves, with her terrified herd, to a place where she was separated from her mother, slammed into a noisy truck with other bewildered babies and taken to one corral after another. Now, she is at BLM's Palomino Valley wild horse corrals, where, according to BLM records, 3 foals have been found dead in their pens. Will this foal survive to remember the range? If I could, I'd write open the gates to freedom for her and the other Jackson Mountain mustangs.

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