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Terri Farley
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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Dear Readers, Almost every time I'm interviewed about my PHANTOM STALLION books or about wild horses, people ask "Why do girls love horses?" My mail and my life indicate that girls, boys, men and women all love horses, but maybe girls show it more. Why do human love horses? Why do YOU love horses? I want to hear your answers. Then I'll share mine. Happy trails, Terri

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:10 AM

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Comments: I don't know the why, I just know they are. Either girls and horses or girls and cats. Sometimes it's girls and both of them but it's at least one or the other!

My first memory is of seeing a Breyer model horse on my great grandmother's television. I was less than 3 but something in my brain resonated with that animal. Every time I saw a horse, I was drawn to it... "Horse!" I read about them, I drew them, I pretended I was one, I played with my model horses, I dreamed about them. My best friend, while I pretended I was a horse during our play time, she would pretend to be a cat. Go figure! lol

When I was in my late-20's, I tried to put horses away from my life. It seemed "childish" to me to want to read about them all the time and so I managed to shelve them in the back of my head but they refused to stay there.

I can't afford to have a horse now but they've become a large part of my life again when I discovered that there are indeed wild Mustangs still running free in this country. Now I photograph them and spend hours pouring over those pictures to determine what images to share with my friends. I won't ever try to put them away from me again. It just won't work... they always come back. <3
  I have loved horses since I was a little girl. I think girls & people in general love horses because of their beauty, loyalty & friendship. They can truly be your best friend. They teach you to be patient. Those who abuse horses are dark souls who know no loyalty or friendship. Horses can be a person's best friend & should be treated as such.

Elaine Marie Lapointe
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