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Monday, February 25, 2013

Rocky Tries Out a Saddle

Dear Readers,
Do you remember this photo of Virginia Range orphan Rocky, the Rockstar "dancing" in a human house, all decked out in his diaper?
He's growing up and trying out different gear now and  PALOMINO ARMSTRONG, rescuer of many wild foals, sent along a letter and photos of his progress.
"Because of snow and ice, my plans to take the Rock Star out in the round pen to be "saddled up" were foiled.  Thanks to our awesome nursery though, I was able to safely bring him in and we practiced saddling up.  

 "Man" enough to wear pink (and a saddle)

First of all, I know he is a boy, and the blanket is pink.  But he is a very manly mustang and can wear it well.  Also, the saddle does not fit him properly (of that I am well aware), but for saddle training it is perfect.  It is light and, as he will only be about one year old on March 12, 2013, that is very important.  It also has the appropriate things to hang on his sides and the straps to go under his belly and between his legs. 

"As is very evident, the Rock Star has absolutely no concern about wearing his gear and moving around in it.  He trusts us completely and loved the attention.  By the time he is ready to ride, the gear should be about as comfy and non-existent as his mane to him." 

ChillyPepper, the first wild foal saved by Palomino Armstrong

     Click here to read more about wild foal rescue

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