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Terri Farley
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Monday, March 04, 2013

BLM Chief's Disconnect with Reality

Utah mustangs rounded up in the dead of winter, the "Swasey gather"
When: Today
Who: Joan Guilfoyle, chief of the BLM's Wild Horse and Burro Division
Where: BLM's Wild Horse Advisory board met in Oklahoma City
What: "corrected" public perceptions of BLM's mustang management.
Why should you care? Some of Guilfoyle's comments, see below, show a disconnect from what really happens on the range. Instead, she believes what she sees in in BLM publicity photos.
Read Guilfoyle's comment, and then watch Anatomy of a Roundup  a short documentary on the Swasey round-up by Ginger Kathrens, protector of the wild stallion CLOUD. 
BLM's Joan Guilfoyle
 "Finally I'll say the Wild Horse and Burro people I work with and encounter, they love the animals too. And they do their best to take good care of them. I have seen this over and over but you have to remember they're a wild animal and when they come in off the range, they're a wild animal and they're frightened and just alarmed and uncertain and we do our best if we have to gather them for any of those purposes, we do our best to calm the fears and I guess if any of you looked at the gather reports from the Swasey gather, which is the last one we did in Utah, you will see the footage that these animals were brought in trotting calmly, there were no incidents, that is our model. I will say too if you'd been here this morning, you would have heard that soon you can go to our Web site an pull off all the public domain footage, B roll stock footage, et cetera so you can see some of this for yourselves."  

See, listen and feel for yourselves what it was really like at the Swasey round-up. 

Anatomy of a Roundup

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 7:11 PM

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Comments: I heard that and I was infuriated. What a straight out untruth. Imsorry but when Ginger and others pointed out the steam coming off the horses--that indicates sweat!

We would know how far those horses were "trotted" run whatever word you want use if they use if BLM would release GPS cooridinates.

How about showing a pictures of a thermometer with an observer or Laura (since she's at so many round ups). Whether that's from your car or a hand held--let's really see. Sorry in the meantime--I take Ginger's word over BLM. Ginger has shown dedication and how trustworthy she is. She's earned my trust and confidence.

Enough of a board stacked with cattlemen. Some of them either directly run cattle or have ties with cattle. Others have lawsuits against wild horses and were appointed to speak for the public at large. Sorry but this lady does not and will NOT EVER speak for me.

This board's is the management of the wild horses. Horses are not cattle. Not species wise or even biologically. If you have to help a mare with a dystocia (difficult birth)vet books SPECIFICALLY tell you not treat horses the same as you would cattle. Let's get this board stacked with horsemen. Horsemen that can make the difficult decisions but still act with the horses best interest first and foremost.

It was annoying listening to Joan say something so different what advocates told was the case. BLM keeps spewing the pea soup about how the horses just trot. Let's see video from the helicopter from the moment they pick the horses up to capture.if the horses truly walk and trot doran hour and a half I'll watch. But funny enough this was EXACTLY what I asked BLM in Utah last summer-and they still yet to put the video up.
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