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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Horse Poem for the Citizens of Oklahoma

A plea (used with her permission) from Rebecca Gilbert, one of my wonderful readers and a talented, perceptive writer


Here I am.
I was your partner, I thought I was your friend even.
I guess I was wrong.
I helped you, loved you, trusted you, did my best for you.
Look at me now. Can you look me in the eye?

Here I am.
I'm afraid, in pain, alone.
Was it because of me or you?
I gave my all for you.
I'm sorry I got old. I didn't mean to stumble.
I don't want to blame you; I want to love you.

Here I am.
I need you.
I'm terrified. Many are with me, but really we're all alone.
We want to trust, love, live again.
I don't want to be alone.
I don't want to die.

Here I am.
Sold for meat. Sentenced to death.
Thousands of us.
Was it worth it?
Didn't you ever love me?
Am I nothing more than a cast-off toy to you?

Here I am.
Won't you save me?
Save me. Is that so hard to do?
I want to live.
Thousands like me want to be loved.
Save us.

Hear we are.
Hear my dying breath.
I still love you.
Here I am.


A note from Rebecca: So this is my poem. I don't know if you'll like it or not, but I think it's a way that some may see what a loving family horse sent to the slaughter may feel.
Hearing the Phantoms hoof beats,
Rebecca G., penname BorrowedWingsOfPegasus

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