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Terri Farley
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Monday, September 07, 2009

Your Horses in Danger

from the Pryor Mts:

Cloud has been rounded up and most of his family has been seized.

Fierce fighting has broken out among corraled and crowded stallions.

Horses are being injured trying to escape.

The HUMANE observer has been barred from her close-up position at the catch site unless she will sign a form saying she's a BLM volunteer, meaning she goes by their rules and cannot take or share photographs.

FROM photo Carol Walker:

We are watching processing of horses - run through chutes to squeeze chute where they shave necks, freeze brand and hair sample for horse that will be adopted or sold. Dun mare reared up 5x then hooked her head and went over backwards. Then a dun colt came out of the chute backwards and was lame.
They put band stallions from the Forest Service, Trigger, 11 and Conquistador, 19 and they have been fighting, vicious at times - Ginger talked to the vet about it - hoping they separate them before serious injuries occur.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 4:51 PM

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Comments: Ms. Terri... couldn't someone say like a reporter working on a story have the right to take photographs secretly or evidently? Like freedom of the press or something
  This is TERRIBLE. needs more publicity. start screaming on top of mountains, write Obama, your paper, ANYBODY!!! Get pix tell people. Cloud is popular, people will care. Why are they doing this anyway? is it over crowded or are they getting into the feed? WHY?!?
  I just can't believe it!
  I agree with Lydia.

This isn't fair to them!
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