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Terri Farley
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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Like STRAWBERRY preserves; when the jar is empty...

Dear Readers,
Everything I've read about the Dept. of Interior's wild horse preserve is worrisome.
Horses on the range and in preserves will be, for the most part, "non-producing" -- wild stallions will be gelded, mustang mares will get birth control shots.
It doesn't take a biologist to know what that means: one by one, wild horses will die, and then they will be gone.

A Nevada newspaper would like to know if you think the wild horses should be taken away from their homelands.

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Thanks for having an opinion,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 4:13 PM

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Comments: why do they think they need to do that? Kill them off? Do they think it is 'best' for the horses? Do they WANT the mustangs to die? forever?
  they save it's to save the land and to save money, but the cost of shipping thousands of horses to the East coast, after surgically altering them has GOT to be expensive...not to mention horses are outnumbers at least
500/1 on the range, and they have solid hooves, not split ones that damage oh... you know all this from my books! It comes down to Greed, and it's still one of the Seven Deadly Sins in my book.
  This is realllyyy bad! As if people haven't tried to eracidate enough species that they don't like off the face of the Earth-wolves, bald eagles, buffalo, and now the wild horses! We NEED wild horses-they are an intregal part of our heritage! sorry but it just makes me so mad lol
  But wouldn't you want to save the bloodlines in the herds of Spanish mustangs? Those horses are amazing in their conformation (no not confirmation, lol) and once they're gone, there's no bringing them back.

Like in Blue Wings.:)

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