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Friday, October 09, 2009

Weekend Assignment :)

Dear Readers,
I'm going to be at a writers' conference all weekend, so I won't be writing to you, but I have a huge favor to ask! One of my readers, BRILLIANT Elizabeth, had an outstanding idea. She suggested that we contact Breyer about making a model of the Phantom and having him be the BENEFIT HORSE OF THE YEAR --- to spotlight the M U S T A N G S !!!!!!!
If any of you have time to do research on this, please share with me!
Most importantly, I know Breyer has done mustang models, but have they ever done a mustang Benefit Horse of the Year? If not, it's soooooooo time.
This is a way we can all help the horses!
Talk to you on Monday,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 7:19 AM

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Comments: Hi!
I've always wanted Breyer to create a Phantom model and I agree with Elizabeth that they should!! I would buy it right away if they did! I think it's a great idea to have him as the benefit horse of the year too! What a great idea!! I'm not too sure how to go about contacting them directly about it (being a USA company) but the main website is ... there's bound to be something on there?

All the best
Crystal xo
  Hi again!

I came across this in the frequently asked questions on the Breyer site:

Q21: I have a great idea for a new model and/or accessories. Can I submit my idea(s) to Breyer so that you can create it?
Breyer® Animal Creations® (Breyer®), a division of Reeves International, Inc., always welcomes ideas for new products and models from our collectors and enthusiasts but we do have a strict Product Submission Policy in place just for this instance. Please understand, however, that Breyer has been in the business of designing and selling models and related accessories for more than 50 years. We maintain a highly motivated and skillful staff for exactly this purpose. Your "new idea" may actually be an idea that Breyer has been developing for some time. Accordingly, any unsolicited idea, model, sketch or the like you send to Breyer shall become the property of Breyer. Due to the large number of such submissions, we cannot return your submission to you. By making an unsolicited submission to Breyer, you waive any and all claims you may have against Breyer relating to the submission and Breyers use of the submission. Also, your submission to Breyer, or Breyers use of the submission, does not constitute an explicit or implied agreement between Breyer and you, nor does it obligate Breyer to you in any way. Unfortunately, these conditions are necessary to protect Breyer and if these conditions are not acceptable to you, please do not submit unsolicited ideas to us. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

and here is the contact address:

Breyer® Animal Creations®
Division of Reeves International, Inc.
14 Industrial Rd.
Pequannock, NJ 07440

Tel. 973-633-5090
Fax: 973-694-5213

all the best and goodluck to you and Elizabeth!

Crystal xo
  They have done mustangs, but never a benefit Mustangs. I highly suggest it!!!
  I believe they have had a mustang HOY. Though I still like the idea of a Phantom breyer. A friend of mine told me she'd suggested the idea once :-)
  That would be cool if there was a Phantom Stallion model! And oh, what about one of Hoku from Wild Horse Island???
  Wow! Hoku would make a wonderful Breyer horse, wouldn't she? With that star on her chest, she'd be unique, too!
  YES! THAT'S AN AMAZING IDEA!!!! I've always wanted a Breyer to make a Phantom model. That would be amazing! Especially if it would benefit the wild horses! and Hoku would be cool too!
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