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Terri Farley
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Please share your thoughts

What do wild horses mean to you?
Reporters have asked me why people who live far away from mustangs care about them.
Can you please help me explain?

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:47 AM

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Comments: Why? Well, why not? The horse is a companion to wilderness and human. They're not meant to be between two slices of bread.. they were created to work for man and woman and to be a helpful friend. As I have heard from many a horse lovers "this Nation was born on the backs of horses". How can we not care about them or what their kind did for us? They think, they feel, and they see. The horse is clothed with thunder and bears a stronger force than any one human. They are a force of nature...
When horse and human meet for the first is how some say "two Nations uniting". Thats why we care.

  Wild horses symbolize the freedom this country has. When you see an image of wild horses, you can dream. Dream of throwing all your cares and caution to the wind to run free with them.
  Wonderful, WONDERFUL!!!
If you can give me only your first name, age & state or country, I can use these to help the horses!!!
Please keep them coming.
Do you know how much power you have?
We've already got the round up delayed 28 days.
  Because they are horses in the purest sense--they live as wild creatures would, without the interference of humans.

They have never felt a saddle on their backs, nor a bridle on their face.

They go where they want, and live how they please.

They seem to be in a separate world, all to themselves (which will not last long if they are captured and the land they run on is developed).

They are free.

~quarterhorseyes (Stephanie, 16, Virginia)
  Ms. Farley.. here is my info! I want to be a great horsewoman like you someday.. as im sure many gals do!

age: 16.. almost 17
state: OHIO, USA!

  OH and one last thing... they say our country is civilized. Perhaps is it too much so? Are there any places in America that are truely wild? Conservation for the polar bear, or for the Tigers... what about the mustangs? God created the horses before he did man, so technicaly speaking... they were here first. WE are intruding on THEIR homeland.. not the otherway around.

  Wild horses are a link to our past. They represent the natural state of the land they roam in. They are beautiful and profound. michele happe
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