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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

No Significant Impact?

Dear Readers,
Alan Shepard, lead BLM officer for the state of Nevada, says that a single round-up of the Calico Mountain mustangs will cost $900,000.
2,700 mustangs will be trapped, trucked and confined.
Most of the mares will be in foal, many near birthing.
And yet BLM District Manager, Gene Seidlitz signed the final determination document because this round up will have no significant impact. Unless the public prevails, the roundup will begin on December 28th.
Try Googling "no significant impact" + "wild horses". Not pretty.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:47 PM

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Comments: What do you mean by unless the public prevails? Do you mean unless enough letter and such comes in the round up will be carried out? Would it not cost less to do the round up in the summer? Why the rush? Do we need to form a protest or something? It just sounds like we're getting a little desperate to stop this round up.. I sent in a couple letters. is there ANYTHING else we can do Ms.Farley?

  HI Jane,
I mean the BLM needs to listen to the people. We are speaking and YES I hope the letters will help.
I'm considering some other options right now and will share as soon as I decide on my next best step.
Thanks so, SO much for caring.
Keep your eyes open!
  hi Terri!
my mom is working on this!

Amelia roy perrin
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