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Terri Farley
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

What did you think of Sam's blog?

Just curious,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 3:16 PM

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Comments: It's pretty good. But, maybe I missed this, but when and why did Brynna leave BLM? And why did Sam's dad take out his rifle? To shoot the colt? That's terrible! But its a good blog!
  The one where Sam rides Teddy? I wanna see if she falls off.:) Kidding.

By the way, I love the one a while back with Sheriff Ballard and Jinx hunting down Darrel.XD Priceless.

  What do i think? Its the full darn truth.. thats what i think. There should automaticaly be a refuge for orphaned foals. A place that has volunteers to feed and nurture them up to adoption. Basicaly Ms. Farley i dont think you could have wrote the blog any better. Question.. ive been told that if all horse slaugther were to be outlawed in the states the horses would just have to suffer a longer trip up to Canada or down to Mexico. Is this true?
  Sam's Blog was awesome as always! I really appreciated the fact that you put int he plight of the wild horses that are planned to be rounded up during WINTER in the mountains. I think by making it a part of Sam's life, you have helped increased awareness. Thanks for all you are doing to help the wild horses!
Happy Trails
  I loved it! I can't wait to hear more about mustang! Who was his sire? I loved the last one too with teddy! Keep it up!
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