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Terri Farley
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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Don't walk on by

This has been done in your name at BLM's Indian Lakes facility
Photo by Cat Kindsfather
six weeks after the round up

Dear Readers,
THIS WEEK a congressional committee will meet and discuss giving BLM yet more money to round up and corral wild horses.
They're already spending millions of my tax dollars to do something most taxpayers despise.
Want to send a message that this is a bad idea?
This will only take you two minutes. You'd spend longer than that looking for your keys. Instead, look into your heart (and wallet) and do what's right.
click here to talk back to BLM

IMPORTANT TIP: Change the subject line and write your own first line to the letter (at least). This might keep the congressional committee members from thinking "yeah, yeah, here's another one."

Can't think of a new first line? You could try something like "Please freeze BLM's wild horse budget until a full investigation can take place."

Go get 'em,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 4:20 PM

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Comments: I wonder, I just cannot imagine what would cause this type of injury. I go to sleep at night always with the penned Wild Horses in my thoughts and prayers and each time I wake, it is the first thing I think of.
  Me too. I pray and pray and pray for their release, survival, and vindication. Looks like someone tried to skin this poor girl alive. I'm sure the abusers did not give her anti-infectant or even clean it.
  Thank you for sharing this photo and showing all what
does happen as BLM claims to be doing what is best for our horses! I hope you will find the stallion you are searching for!
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