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Terri Farley
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Medicine Hat is Missing

Dear Readers,
Three wild horse advocates searched for this captive horse today.

photo by Mark Terrell

They couldn't find him. If BLM can't supply photo verification that he's still there, we need to know what's happened to him.
Those of you who read my books know that I'm partial to sorrel horses like Hoku and sassy little bays like Ace, but this horse, because of his flashy coloring SHOULD be easy to follow through BLM processing.
I will ask BLM if I can go out and search the corrals this week.
You can see more photos of your mustangs in the feedlot in Fallon here

I'll let you know what happens next.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:18 PM

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Comments: You don't think he was sent to a slaughter house or put down do you?

God forbid that
  I don't even want to think about that, HorseFeathers! I hope he is ok!
Best of luck, Mrs. Farley!

  Hi Terri:
I had the priviledge of attending the SJR22 Resolution against Horse Slaughter here in CA. The following is my report on my observation.

Also you may want to continue checking at the Fallon feedlot to make sure this horse didn't somehow end up there. You might want to offer a reward if he can be found or if it can be proven that he was killed or slaughter. Just a thought...

The first part of the meeting was on the EPA something or other. Most of it went over my head cause I didn't know the issues.

Senator Florez was sitting up with the committee at this time. At the close of this part of the meeting (EPA portion), he moved to the table where people talk to the committee.

He spoke very eloquently about horse slaughter. He seemed to know how ugly this subject is. I think he mostly read the resolution that I saw posted over at AlexBrown several weeks ago.

Then this lady Nancy (I think) from the Humane Society spoke. Wow! Talk about talking points. I honestly think the only thing she missed was an idea I had how to stop the transportation of horses (I'll address this in a separate post). She talked about how it is a felony to sell, send or give your horse up KNOWINGLY for slaughter.

Then the committe asked the audience if we wished to address the committee on this. Yep!

A lot of folks from The Grace Foundation were there. A number of students were out of class at this meeting (I wonder if they get some kind of credit since they did participate in our political system).

This brings me to this. I think we should try to hook up somehow with this folk. A lot just love horses. They have all kinds of situations in which kids participate. Some have disabilities, others are at risk. They have horses that are in different programs because of the perfect they are. They are another valuable resource both for us and vice versa.

They asked us to step to the mike, give our name, our city and what our position on the resolution was. I told them my stuff and then kinda blew it. I said they we supported this BILL, not resolution. I think its okay though. They knew I was brand new at this and they don't expect perfection. I got the point across and that's the important thing.

Happily this resolution passed. It was left open roll for the two committee members not present--so they could choose to vote later today. This is done out of manners. It didn't manner though. 3 committee members voted Yea and this was all that was needed to pass. So it doesn't matter how the other two vote.

It isn't surprising that this resolution passed. If anyone had objected to it--they definitely would have looked guilty of sending a horse to slaughter at some point.

I feel very empowered by my visit to Sacramento. I won't ever run for Governor or President but I got to put my name to this resolution. I got to actively participate in our government today. I had a lot of help from the good folk who knew how all this stuff works and explaining procedures. It's a good feeling to know I traveled so far for something this important.

This resolution today doesn't stop horse slaughter. Perhaps its just one step in the many hundreds we are going to take. But I made my feelings known PUBLICLY! Now how cool is that?
  I hope they find him! He's beautiful-too bad he didn't stay free.
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