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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Old Tuscarora Stud

BLM Nevada News

Euthanized on Wednesday, July 14, a 20 plus year old blind stud with broken teeth

Here's a stark example of what's wrong with BLM's wild horse plan.

Here's this old guy -- BLM doesn't note dehydration or starvation -- and he's doing okay out there on the range because he's a WILD HORSE.
Wild horses don't depend on sight as we humans do. Smell and hearing are much more important. Besides, he had a lifetime of experience and his herd.
Wild horses depend on each other to reinforce what they hear and smell and if they can't see, others can. This time, the old stud probably shouldn't have obeyed the shoulder bumps and snorts, but he did, following his herd when the helicopters came for them.
I wasn't there.
I didn't see this old boy.
Judging by BLM's press release, this stallion was destroyed because he didn't measure up to what BLM expected in a horse.
And that's just plain sad.

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