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Terri Farley
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Death in a Remote Area

photo by Mark Terrell
Dear Readers,
I was going back over BLM's daily notes on the Twin Peaks round-up to compare what I saw on August 16th with what they reported and I read the account below.

Sunday, August 15
Summary: Fifth day at this trap site yielded fewer horses.
Animals gathered: 37
Animals shipped: 2
Gather related animal deaths: 0
Cause: none
Non-gather related animal deaths: 1
Cause: With BLM concurrence, an older stud with preexisting injury to knees was euthanized in remote non-gather site by contractor pilot.

With BLM concurrence -- so BLM agreed this execution by a Cattoor pilot was fine
An older stud with preexisting injury to knees -- how did the pilot know this was a preexisting injury? From the air, how did he know it wasn't a stone bruise changing the horse's gait? How did he even know the horse was a stallion?
in remote non-gather site -- so what was he doing there? If it wasn't a gather site? Was the horse shot from the air?

There are just too many questions here.
These horses do not belong to BLM or the Cattoor family. They belong to you and me.
If you can witness a round-up, please do.
The horses need you,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 7:26 PM

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Comments: Wouldn't I give to just see a roundup in progress. To be there and report any sitings.

Another question: If it was a preexisting injury could it not heal up again with vet work possibly? It healed on its own once, taking it in stride that it actualy WAS an injury as the BLM states it to be.

There are just so many questions and so much kept behind the curtain. Is the BLM so fed up with our protests and anger against what they're doing that they have to do things in secret now?? I believe that is inhumane and just plain unAmerican. It would be no different than killing a steer because it was limping and it might make the meat not as good. But NO, a rancher would most likely see that it was taken care of because the injury could heal and he could still make a profit off of that animal.

It all comes down to money, and a profit. And it's sad that we as a nation, as a government, and somtimes as a people cannot think of anything but.
  This is the old West at its worst.
Corporate greed with government support taking away our lands, not with railroads and barbed wire, but bulldozers and helicopters.
  It really bothers me that the Cattoors get to shoot wild horses from the helicopter. I want a vet onscene to make that determination. In fact, get a humane observer out there while there picking up the vet.

Geez, you should see Bigfoot this big old stallion that lives up at the Pryors. He's older and has feet the size of your dinner plate. His knees could double for a basketball. He has the normal aches and pains of any "older" animal.

I don't believe this is a good reason to shoot them. Just let them live out their lives in the mountains as they have until now. There is no reason for this murder.
  Reminds me of a very evident phrase that I've heard before,

"What Man cannot control
he usualy destroys"

  And therein lies the difference between men and women.
Ok, that's a generalization, but so often it seems females prize freedom for OTHERS more highly...
  Mrs. Farley that does seem to be the outcome many a time.

I guess its just the way God made us different. Many men fear what they cannot control or maintin power over and appear weak or poor. Thus they try to completely eliminate the problem.

In my opinion, it takes a man of great valor to overcome this preasured nature and care for others instead of theirself or individual gain.

That's not to say there aren't women or act in such a controling way. I guess it depends on who you are as a person and wheather youre going to give into society or stand up for what is just.

  Don't you just want to live in a world where everyone can get along and be free? I mean the horses were the picture of freedom and now they are being brought in and murdered for no good reason.
Me being a girl, I try to find beauty in every little thing i see.

But with horses...who could kill them? It's impossible to even want to hurt them. But then of course BLM brushes it off as 'euthanizing unfit and unhealthy horses that cannot survive in the wild'

I barely know the simple basics of keeping a horse, not even how to tack one up but the average human can just tell this is wrong.
  I've never seen wild horses. I've never rode a horse for more than thirty minutes of my life.

But now I may never get to see a horse gallop on the range, the way they were born. Not ruined by tags and fenced in pens.

I can't comprehend why they would even think of wanting to do what they do.
I dont want to just stand here in my house and tell everybody else how I think it's wrong. I want to make a difference to these poor animals who do nothing wrong yet end up being scared, and even shot.
Please Mrs. Farley, what can I do?

-Young At Heart
  Terri, Did you hear about the emergency gathering at Saylor Creek? It is estimated that about 200 horses will be removed from there home range in Idaho. They're are currently being cared for at Boise BLM corrals.

I know this out of your criteria because it is some distance from Nevada but I thought you'd just like to hear it.
After all, we need to keep an eye on all of the mustangs to help them run free and spirited again.
There was a massive fire that consumed 306,000 acres of land.
Practically the whole part of the range.

If none of the horses were hurt, Was it necessary to capture and corral them?
I know that there wasn't that much water so I'm not sure what to think.

What would your opinion be?

- Young At Heart
  I just have one last question Mrs. Farley:

Instead of spending milions of dollars buying helicopters and corrals and BLM centers to manage the horses, why can't they just buy feed and make man-made watering holes?

That is the whole reason they do this right? Because they think that there is not enough food and water to support the herds on the range.

If that's what they did to help the horses I would have been with them all the way, but what they're doing now is not how you solve the situation justly.
I know they are government, and want to do what is best financially but i don't know how they can sleep at night with all the pressure and sometimes guilt.

It's just a thought that I had. And BLM probably had the same thought but overlooked it as too much money, waste of time.

-Young At Heart
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