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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

HB's Tuesday

Shingletown, California

Daylight is fading, and I'm sneaking in a few minutes for the update on HoneyBandit.

Today was a very big day for HB. He had lots of his 2 legged friends visiting, and he got to hang out with Patches, (the mini therapy horse) again.

Guess what? Honey nursing a miniature doesn't really work. Patches wasn't even sure what he was trying to do, but thought it kind of strange. He wasn't mean about it though, which is very good. Patches is lonely because the big horses are always trying to kill him if he is anywhere nearby. So I think these two are going to bond very well.

We tried to offer him a bottle after he wanted to nurse, but he is having none of it. We thought he would find it comforting, but he was actually quite offended. Apparently he is a big boy now and he eats like a big boy.

HB went out into the front yard and nibbled the grass and weeds. He was out for quite a while, and then his legs started to get really weak and shaky. My cue to bring him in and put him to bed.

His bottom left eyelid keeps turning inside out,and the vet said it is because he was so skinny he didn't even have enough fat in his eye socket to help keep his eye where it should be.

Wonder how he will do tomorrow or if he over did it today. We will see......

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 11:04 PM

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Comments: Hi Terry;

Thanks for the update; yeah this young boy certainly has some "Nutritional Issues; being he was "basically left with little feed in those horrid Litchfield Corrals...because this Colt was without proper nutrients for so long; this will take extra time;

As the Vet. if the Foal has "Nysgatmus...if the Vet. says yes; this is a priority indication of a Lack of Thiamin Vitamin B1...and the good news? by giving Thiamine Vitamin B1; Magneisum and Choline the eyes get normal; the eyelid will not droop; your Vet. is correct; the Foal does not have enough nutrients for the system...

Stablized Rice Bran has these Vits.
  what a wonderfull update. Slow but sure the little colt is a bit better everyday.

May the BLM be encouraged to please release all wild horses and foals to the pubic who wants them! Well before they come to this foals condition. And before any are 'euthed'(shot) by the BLM, offer all those wild horses the blm deems 'to old'"to thin' to us the Americans who will take them. We love them BLM, we want to save them!

Laura Houston
  Everyday, I check this blog. And everyday, I like to hear that foal's getting better, that he's stepping forward instead of back.

But today, HB has a buddy. It's sunny over here, and all is right! Honey just put the cherry on top of my day. And if BLM can just see what mustangs can make a person feel from aaaalllll the way in New Jersey we'd get our way.If they could just see the look HB puts on my face involuntarily, even if he's sick and far away, they would feel at least a hint of guilt. They're not bad people, they just have a different way of thinking. But my thinking was that as I was saying earlier, the look HB puts on my face, if they can somehow take that reaction and make people want to donate so they would have money for canals and reserves.

It's a good idea, everybody says, but what do u out there think about it?

(-Young At Heart)
  hello I think Kayla's idea of BLM allowing people to sponsor Mustangs is great; I had the same idea; why not let any American Sponsor a Mustang in the wild ?
(sponsor means give a "donation...)

Let the People care for the Mustangs !(and Burros...A.
  The people are already caring for the mustangs with their tax dollars. Sadly BLM is "caring for" them by paying millions of dollars to contractors like the Cattoor Round-up company to take them off PUBLIC (our) lands. In addition, they're using our taxes to buy and rent private land where they can hide the horses from the public.
BLM has also hired more armed marshals to make sure members of the public do as they are told.

These horses are YOURS and BLM says this is the best way to "protect" them.
I strongly disagree and I won't stop fighting to save their lives and their home range.
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