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Terri Farley
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday from Palomino!

Last night was pretty rough. As the tears slid down my face, I looked down at HoneyBandit. Lying so still, in a solitary world of loneliness, his life so brutally changed. Only a month ago, he was running along on his tiny hooves, flying along side his mom, surrounded by his family, free to run in the California hills.

Now, his mama is gone, his family is gone, and his world has turned silent. He doesn't hear the pounding feet as he flies across the hills. He doesn't feel the warmth of his mothers breath against his skin. There is no more playing with the other foals, frolicking about, kicking up their heels. Instead, he lays quietly on his blanket, an iv running into his catheter. It doesn't hurt, but this is not the way things were supposed to be.

Later, after we helped him up, he walked over to the fence. Chino was standing on the outside. He went up to the fence and started nosing the dog. (he has been so "shocky" and stressed that a wild life specialist had suggested he could be stressed from the dogs as he is still a wild animal). However, he would not leave the fence. So I opened the door and the dog ran in and laid down on his bed. HoneyBandit slowly walked over and laid down on the bed beside him. You can be sure the dogs are back, and this morning he seemed to have a little more spunk in his step.

The good things yesterday was we had some visitors that came to wish him well and to bring him "supplies" for his survival. He, like CHILLY PEPPER, belongs to everyone. It takes a village to raise a child - well it takes the world to save a mustang. We heard good wishes from as far away as Australia.

Adam & Celeste Deem, good friends and authors of SAVING LI'L SMOKEY, stopped by to visit and brought a wonderful surprise. They brought some of their "signed" books to sell and all the proceeds go to HoneyBandit's care.

Today was a good day. HoneyBandit can use his tail. He can actually swing it back and forth and lift it up and down. Two days ago he could only lift it slightly and now he almost looks like a real little baby.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:50 PM

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Comments: Hi Terri, Did you see my comment about trying the Bach Flower remedies on Friday's post?
Rescue Remedy + Star of Bethlehem for all the shock and grief could really help.....
  Excellent news; the fact he can swing his tail means; The Nutritional profile of the Foal's system is building up from the excellent care of feed; etc. etc.

i would guess just the comfort the foal feels being in a safe place with caring people is probably the best medicine of all; ps if you get the Foalac pellets those r good
  Austrailia? wow, I never thought I was part as something where people are helping from all the way in australia.

But this isn't about me. It's about the little baby mustang who one day is gonna show the world he made it because of his mustang heart. Even though his mama is somewhere out there in the mountains or at BLM if she knew what her litle baby was going through, she'd be proud of him. He proved the vet wrong, skeptics wrong, and in some time the whole world is going to admire his brave and perservere little heart.

God bless.

-Young At Heart
  Young at Heart -- people all over the world care about America's wild horses. My mustang books are published in 27 countries!
  I had no idea, not a clue, so many people cared. The world's going to be a better place.

- Young At Heart

Ps: I'm tired of writing my whole pen name over and over again so I would like to announce my actual name is Kayla. So I'm going to sign off as Kayla each time.Being mysterious is not easy. You should know Tess Farraday. Not that I looked it up, it's just my bes friend told me that used to ba a pen name of yours. :)
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