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Terri Farley
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

" I'll fight as long as he does!"

Dear Readers,
Here's an update from Palomino. She and Honeybandit are on an emotional roller-coaster. You'll read good and bad news below. Take a deep breath and read on.

Today we had a little improvement in Honeybandit's blood work. His potassium levels are dropping slowly.

We also have some sad news.
The words "brain damage" have been mentioned and while I don't believe that, he is lethargic sometimes and very weak and, HoneyBandit appears to be completely deaf.

He makes no reaction to any noise and my heart is breaking for him.
How cruel to live in a world without family, but with pain.
How lonely is he, calling out "Where are you?" and no one answers.

But he has a new family and others to love him.
I have notified BLM of this new development, and we will have the vet do more work to find out the extent of the damage and determine if this could be temporary.

On one hand this is horrible, but it might be the reason he's so non-reactive to normal stimuli! We need ya'll to pray hard that his hearing returns.
This is by no means a death sentence,and again we will take whatever steps we need to so he has a comfortable and (as happy as can be) life.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 1:54 PM

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Comments: I don't know what to say. He really sounds like he's trying though. HB will have a happy as can be life, no matter what.

My writing teacher said something inspiring, "Our past experiences make us what we are today,"
Everybody is shaped by what has happened in the past.
Honey is going to be a stronger horse when this is over, after all he's a mustang.

-Young At Heart
Lighting a candle in my heart for you and The Honey Bandit. I know he hears you clearly, your heart beating within his own.
  I will post Honey Bandit to my Animal Reiki group, we will send supportive Reiki to HB as long as he needs it.
Also have you tried the Bach Flower Remedies?
You could try using Rescue Remedy for sure for all the shock and trauma, and Star of Bethlehem for grief and loss, all he has been through. A dropperful of each in his water bucket every day for a week and then see how he is doing.
His deafness could be a result of all the shock, just shutting it all out. Let me know if you try the Flower Remedies, they are fantastic for animals, you can get them at Whole Foods etc. Read more on the Bach site at
Blessing to you, and healing Reiki, love and light sent to Honey Bandit and all connected
  Lots of jingles and prayers being sent to little Honey Bandit and to all who are caring for him. Deaf or not, this little guy has so much to teach us. Wish I lived closer to come and help - I know how much time & energy it requires to take care of a sick foal - an orphaned one is just that much harder. Big hugs to the little guy too!
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