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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Palomino's Journal: Thursday

Honeybandit:lookin'cute in raincoat & leggings even if he's not feeling so hot
This is a wish list for HoneyBandit if people would rather send 'stuff' than money

1. Prayers
2. Horse Blanket
3. Electric blankets (for sleeping - we need several as he still has "accidents"
4. Orchard or soft grass hay
7. NEEDLES for his meds "20 x 1A" is the size or larger
8. Syringes, small and the ex large 20cc or larger for his feedings
9 Vet wrap

More news from Palomino & Honeybandit

Yesterday we moved the "hospital" inside our carport/garage. It poured rain and was nasty cold. We also installed a sling so HoneyBandit could spend more time "upright" as opposed to laying down all the time and getting pneumonia. He really cannot handle anything else happening to him at this point. It doesn't hold him up, just gives him a little support so he doesn't get so tired. He looks very cute in it.

He is actually looking much better than he did when he got here. We changed one of his meds yesterday and I think that was huge. He still can't stand up by himself, but when we do stand him up, he stands much stronger. He is also walking much better.

Matt was hanging out in the chair while I took one of those ladies room breaks, and he said that HB walked up to him and he was petting him and that he went to take a big bite out of his leg. His ears weren't pinned or anything, but he is starting to have more normal impulses. He actually walked over to a t v tray we are using for supplies and "chewed" on it like a normal baby. These are tiny, yet huge. He is munching away as we speak. We have to take him back to the vet in a couple hours for more blood work and I am hoping that we get a little better news.

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Comments: Mrs. Farley,

If we were able to send some of these supplies to you, would you be able to give them to Ms Palamino? Some of us live far away so is it possible to still send these things?

  Thanks so much for the updates on HoneyBandit. Prayers and best wishes coming from Pennsylvania!
  I just love the idea of sending and helping Honey but I can't. I wish I could, but I'm still a kid.

I love those animals that just beat the odds, no matter what the vet or anyone else has to say. They deserve their place in history and on the news. I want to go horseback riding.

Keep on going!

-Young At Heart
  So glad to hear that HB is nibbling on things/people! He still has a long way to go, but the signs are encouraging. Sending prayers for you all!
  Lots if prayers for HoneyB. Is there an address for supplies? I'm putting a Valley Vet order together for him. Thanks!
  Continued Prayers for HoneyBandit to feel a little better everyday and to go more baby horsie stuff.

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