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Terri Farley
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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Little Horse Lost -- and found


We made it through Saturday, Praise God!!!
I am officially in my "horse coma" / "baby survival mode."
In this state your only function in life is to take care of baby -- feeding,iv, cleanup, flipping, standing up -- Life outside no longer exists.

You can't think about the foal living or dying; you just have to tell yourself,
It is going to be so worth it when he is healthy and happy...

All ya'll in our horsey world that are supporting this little guy, well you rock. It is so awesome how everyone comes together at crunch time. We have had people from the "goating community" offering fresh goat's milk, and other rescues are donating blankets. Usually I favor animals over people, but I have to say the people are definitely ranking pretty high around here, too.

To stay awake, I started counting Honeybandit's bites;
I applied medicine to 97 bites on this baby!

He also has a lot of weird cuts all over, but we are taking care of them.
BLM stated that a young horse had just beat him up, but the vet says much of the wounds are old and it would have taken 2 weeks for this damage to happen.

STILL, there are times when you can see a light inside and know that there is a teeny tiny soul in that beat up body. When Honeybandit kicks and thrashes around like a beached fish cuz he doesn't want his "yummies" (milk-mix), and then turns to grab a mouth full of hay as if to say, I don't want it and you cant make me cuz I'm gonna eat hay instead - so haha!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 12:29 PM

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Comments: I just knew it! He's getting stronger, healthier, AND smarter. It will definetely all be worthwhile when he prances through the yard again.

WOW! Palomino is the best Mustang Mama any foal could hope for.

Progress, progress. Within weeks he'll be up and at 'em again!
Positive thinking people, positive thinking!

-Young At Heart
  Palomino, you are awesome! I just knew you could bring him back from the edge of death. Poor little thing, has been through hell, and then blessed to land in the arms of an angel... : )

Love that he is kickin' for hay instead. Getting strong!
My heart os feelin' so good about this rescue of yours. Thanks GOD you were there to save him!
  whoooohhooo... i am so glad he is getting better palamino is the best! i cant believe he is getting much stronger and healthier, and it just makes my heart leap and feel so good to know know that honey bandit is alright, because hes got a rockin owner and a wonderful momma mare!!!

put a smile on :)
  Umm... yeh I kinda feel a little embarrassed. I was so anxious these past few days, like shouting anxious. But as long as it was for a good cause I guess I'm not blushing too much.

Everytime I tried to tell someone about Honey Bandit, I always ended up saying Honey Biscuit. Yummy!

Pal is still doing a good job and Honey, I bet, is still being fiesty about his food.

-Young at Heart
  It's a good thing he's getting better but I still feel bad for him because his Mare mom got taken away. :(
Look at me! Just a few hours ago I was commenting about everybody should be staying positive and I end up being very negative!

Honey Biscuit...oops...Honey Bandit is going to be just fine in his adopted home. Just fine!

-Young At Heart
  Awwwww! He's so cute!
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