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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


YOU & I wouldn't have known of these horses' misery if the public had NOT been allowed inside the BLM facility in Fallon, Nevada from January - early June.
Now, MUSTANG MISERY is hidden again.

BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program Chief Don Glenn has the power to RE-OPEN Indian Lakes. Ask him to open the gates:

photos by Cat Kindsfather

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 4:13 PM

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Comments: My question is this.. Did WE built the Indian Lakes Facility, or did the contractor?
They had an old contract facility but I think thats the guy that admitted in a news story in October that horses have disappeared from the corrals. (unbranded, uncounted, just gone)
Then suddenly they have a brand new facility out of the public view.

If they gathered 1900 horses in Dec & January, and if they are telling the truth about the 20% foaling rate then they should be able to account for 2280 Calico horses right now.

I just LOVE math...
  Kathy, this is a GREAT question.
I wonder if I'll have to file a FOIA to get an answer. No harm in trying!
I'll post what I learn!
  contractor build Indian Lakes; in fact the name of the private contractor is "Indian Lakes !

the pens were crudely designed by a "Temple Grandin...unfortunatley Temple is the world's leader on "Livestock planning...she has written books on Livestock...I cannot understand why the BLM did not hire Equine Experts Horsepeople
  ps I cannot get the pix of the Mustang lying down "coughing...out of my mind; is the BLM saying: when a Mustang has a coughing fit; we don't help the mustang; we just let the mustang collapse ?

these people are "outrageous ! anna

there is another pix of a foal; with a big gash on face w/a collar

the blm doesn't even put medicine on the foal's facial wounds

incurred during the Roundups; as far as I know; Federal Law prohibits any person from intentionally injuring a Mustang and not treating them...

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