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Thursday, September 23, 2010

UP(and I do mean up!)DATE on HoneyBandit

Dear Readers,
Although HoneyBandit is not well, he's showing mustang heart and trying his best.
Palomino sent this last night and I hope it makes you smile. :) Terri

Just a quick update. Today was pretty exciting.
After a sleepless night with HoneyBandit, I was worried. He'd been restless, wanting to get up and down all night and he was making weird noises.

However.....HoneyBandit managed to get up BY HIMSELF today!
When I tried to take his blanket off, he figured -- no thanks! -- and thought he would leave! He even tried to buck.
Didn't work, but it was heartening that he reacted like a "normal" foal for a few seconds and later he actually tried to run across the driveway! That was quite scary as he almost landed on his face, but he boot-scooted for a few seconds.
HoneyBandit is not out of the woods, yet, but each day he shows a teeny bit more life!
Hopefully we will have some video and more pix up tomorrow. Take care and God bless. Thank you for all your continued support. p

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 5:28 PM

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Comments: All by himself! WHat a little trooper......

(-Young At Heart)
  Praise the Lord!

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