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Terri Farley
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love Heals-- even more

Dear Readers,
I'm out of town on a different computer & finally figured out how I can post to you!
That's great, because Palomino has big HONEY BANDIT news to report:

HI, the cars are flying by as usual in front of our little place. I can hear Honey Bandit chomping on his food. That boy can eat. He likes it when I "hide" his foal lac pellets under his hay. He just walked over and is getting ready to lay down. Unfortunately for Chino, he kind of squashed his legs when he lay down. Those two have bonded like you wouldn't believe. Today HB nuzzled the dog for a very long time, then licked him to give him a bath!

HB just laid down and put his head on Chino's side. Sometimes when he does this Chino looks at him like "what the heck?" They take turns laying on top of each other's legs etc., but sometimes Chino is surprised at just how heavy HoneyBandit is. Yesterday HB spent about 1/2 hour "chewing" on Chino's nails. Not sure if he was giving him a pedicure or trying to "fix" his ugly hooves.

Today was kind of traumatic for "mom". I had to take my human son to an appt and finally go to the store. Haven't had a chance to "shop" since this whole thing started. "Auntie Jennifer" was babysitting, but I was so stressed because this is the first time I was "away" from him.

Of course HB had to do something NEW because mom was gone. He has been trying to roll over onto his back to itch, and wouldn't you know it, he did it while I was gone.

Each and every day Honey Bandit shows us his true mustang spirit. No matter how tiny his new "activity", it shows that his brain is still alive in there, and that if we are patient, there is magic to come.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:19 AM

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Comments: Chino sounds like a really cool. dog. My dog flips out when I tryto lay down on him.... All right HB! Way to go, although usually it's weird to congratulate someone because they scratched their back, but his is a special 'Congrats".

(-Young At Heart)
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