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Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of the Year HONEY Update

Dear Readers,
Here's a new update from Palomino and I think you'll enjoy the image of all of these Shingletowners cuddled up together. Palomino mentions HoneyBandit's Christmas photo and I got a copy in my Christmas card, but I'll have to locate it online so that I can share it with you!
Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

I'm sitting on the bed, looking out into Honey Bandit's stall. We just switched DaBubbles over to hang out with Patches. The other stall was too small for Honey Bandit and Patches, and it is easier to watch Honey Bandit with him right next to me. DaBubbles had been next to me prior to this. Since the three of them have been playing together, we thought that Patches and DaBubbles would be okay together.

Honey Bandit needs special feed, and Patches has been gaining too much weight, so this will be easier. However, I feel bad because DaBubbles wants to be back closer to us. Honey Bandit is stoked though. He is thinking that he is the bomb and is really liking being inches away from us again.

I have to brag a teeny tiny bit about our guy. When you pour his feed into his bucket, if you tell him to "wait", he will. He bobs his head up and down until you tell him "it is okay, good boy". He hates it, but is pretty good about waiting.

Well, I have now spent the last half hour getting Patches settled in his little stall, away from DaBubbles. He was not playing nice, so he is on "time out" and sleeping where he cannot thrash on the little guy. Tomorrow he will be able to come back and play, but for now he has to learn better manners.

On the way he got a little "pedicure" and got his feet trimmed. My son thought I was a little bit nuts to be trimming feet after 9 PM, but hey, you gotta "git ER done" when you get a chance.

When you look at this picture, remember that we brought Honey Bandit home on September 2. As of January 2, we will have had him 4 months. I forget how tiny he was, but this picture shows what all of us have worked together to achieve. He went from about 120# to about 300#. We cannot ever thank everyone who is part of this miracle enough. Your generosity, donations, time and love make this possible.

I will be posting some more photos. I have to say that Honey Bandit is ecstatic to be back next to us. He is laying down as close as he can possibly get to us. More photos should be on Chilly Pepper's website or on Facebook in the next few days.

Sorry it took so long to "get back". Ha ha. Am still trying to get every thing set up on the computer. I do have to set the record straight, once again. I cannot take credit for Honey Bandit's Christmas photo. One of his wonderful Aunties, took the photos and printed them all for us to put in the remaining Christmas cards. Without all of the wonderful "aunties" that Honey Bandit has, we would not be getting much done except taking care of him. So I have to send out another thank you to his aunties that made the all the Christmas cheer happen.

God Bless! Love Honey Bandit & the Gang!

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:54 PM

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