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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update from Palomino

Dear Readers,
You are the absolute best! Not only are my emails full of love and concern for a mustang foal you've never met, but readers of all ages approached me at my last booksigning (two with tears in their eyes) to ask how HoneyBandit was doing.
Foals growing up without mothers' milk have a tough time developing like normal horses. Though HoneyBandit has human friends, people I've talked with who've raised motherless mustangs say that the ups and downs that HB is experiencing are to be expected.
It's still sad and worrisome, but I know Palomino. Believe me, she is giving these at-risk animals all her best.
Thanks for having open hearts!
Talk with you again tomorrow,
From Palomino:
Honey Bandit is still exhibiting a low energy level, but his bodily functions are pretty normal now. He is just a big bundle of sweetness. Unfortunately, he is still getting cast nearly every night. (For those of you who wanted to know what I mean by "cast", he simply lays down and is unable to get up due to being "stuck", usually against a wall.) He will end up with his legs folded and smashed against the sides of the stall etc. He seems to be on the same side about 99 % of the time, so we are still hoping it is a neurological issue that he will outgrow in time.

If not, well it looks like we will be sleeping together the rest of our lives. Hee hee. Although I use the words "sleeping together" extremely lightly. He gets to sleep, but I still hear every little noise they make. My hubby said "I am the worst sleeper ever". Part of that is due, of course, to the fact that I have chronic pain, and sleep very little anyway. Boy does that fact come in handy with these guys.

Patches decided to surprise me and jump up into the "raised" part of the carport. It is about a 22" jump, and he just hopped into our area. Of course he managed to wreak major havoc in the few minutes he was up here. What a mess. But he was very cute and thought that everything was here for his entertainment. There is never a dull moment here.

All three of the guys are hanging out together during the day now. (When they are outside.) We are staying busy taking care of the gang and trying to get ready for Christmas.


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