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Terri Farley
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

HoneyBandit and pals survive storm

Dear Readers --
We haven't heard from Palomino for a while because the stomp from DaBubbles tiny hoof ruined her computer. She's got a new one though and just in time to tell us the news.

Hi ya'll,

We are finally back in the world of today. It is amazing how important our computers are, when we are trying to stay in touch.

Honey Bandit says hi, and wow, what a storm. We had a tremendous storm in Shingletown last night. I am sure many other places were hit by this system also. Kind of sounded like a car wash, the way the rain pounded against the carport. The winds were howling, beating and pulling at the metal roof. Poor DaBubbles was standing in the middle of the stall, obviously stressed by the sounds outside. I think he thought his little stall was going to fly away. I lay there feeling powerless, wondering what was happening outside. The trees were almost wailing, scratching the sides of the carport in an eerie tune. I too, was waiting for the roof to fly away. But the rains pounded down. and the winds blew like crazy and all was still well, when morning came.

It is amazing how small we really are in the scheme of things. The unrelenting power that comes from our skies can change things at will. We were lucky, no real damage, unless you count the driveway. The first barrage flooded our yard again, digging huge gashes in our driveway. (Kind of reminds me of my scars on my leg when I see them.) But aside from the "scars", there was no real lasting damage.

We took Honey Bandit, Dabubbles and Patches out in the upper field on the one day that we had clear skies. Although Honey Bandit continues to not have much energy, he is a very happy boy. He loves to eat, eat and eat. (kind of like me Click Me!). He is such a beautiful boy. We have been fortunate enough to be contacted by several people who specialize in supplements that can help a horse in his condition. We are pretty sure that he still has neurological deficiencies, (which could account for his getting cast so often), and he could also have ulcers from everything he has been through. We are treating him for these symptoms and hoping that with time he will be 100% back to "normal".

As long as Honey Bandit is happy and feeling well, it won't matter if he does have special needs. We will always make sure that whatever he needs he gets. He has already made a huge difference in this world. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. The people we have met, because of HB, are amazing, and I will always feel blessed to have ya'll for friends.

We are trying to think of the perfect pictures that we could use for his "HONEY BANDIT, AMERICA'S POSTER HORSE TO STOP THE ROUNDUPS". One of his smart aunties asked me about that, and we really need to get an "official" poster. Since he is "all of ours", I thought we could use everyones input and choose the most popular pictures. So, anyone who has ideas, send them either to myself or Terri Farley and we can get our "official Honey Bandit" posters made.

Now is a crucial time in the fight to stop the round ups. If anyone is interested in travelling to Las Vegas during the Summit of the Horses, (the "slaughter meeting"), please let me know. We need to make a stand. There is a lady from back east, who is talking about using Honey Bandit's picture on a billboard in Las Vegas during that time. I really feel like we all need to pull together now. Anyone who is interested, please contact me.

Palomino Armstrong
30027 State Highway 44 East
Shingletown, CA 96088

p.s. I am still working on setting up the new computer, so please be patient.


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:36 PM

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