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Sunday, April 10, 2011

HoneyBandit: Getting to be a Big Boy

Dear Readers,
As I write this, Palomino Armstrong and her husband Matt are helping yet another wild horse. Photographer Cat Kindsfather rescued a beautiful wild mare (a Medicine Hat like my GhostDancer) she named Oshunnah and Palomino and Matt are helping Cat move her mustang to the Wild Horse Sanctuary in Shingletown,California, where she'll soon be roaming free with Ghost Dancer, Sage, the real Phantom and many other wild horses, on 5,000 fenced acres.
Last I heard, Oshunnah was none too happy about being back in a horse trailer, but her human helpers think she'll feel it was worth it when she's set free.
Here is a HONEYBANDIT update Palomino wrote earlier this week:

Tuesday was an absolutely fabulous day here. The sun was shining and warm and the horses were kicking up their heels. The mustangs in the upper field were running and bucking and chasing each other up and down. You could actually feel their joy and excitement as their feet pounded up and down the hill, their tails flying, their necks arched as they chased each other.

Honey Bandit thought he should do that to. He was striking out and prancing around his pen. He started chasing DaBubbles and they were flying and kicking and I got a little bit nervous that one of those feet might connect and send DaBubbles to China. So we put Honey Bandit, Dabubbles and Patches out in their "play area". All the way to the corral, Honey Bandit had his neck arched, and it was tight. He was ready to panic if he could only find something. He searched side to side, arching that neck like their was danger. But mean old mom kept making him stop and stand every time he was about to "explode". I took all his fun out of it. So he had to walk over there like a gentlemen, and if something scared him he had to stop and check it out until he calmed down. But he really really wanted an excuse to "freak out".

So the three of them ran their little butts off. They bucked and kicked and chased each other and skidded to a stop and had the absolute best time. After awhile, we had to go inside, and they didn't think we needed to end their time yet. So we got Patches and Dabubbles and walked over to the gate and started out. I knew HB wouldn't be able to stand being left behind, and sure enough about 30 seconds later he ran to the gate and skidded to a stop right in front of me, almost as if he was asking me to bring him back. I love it when they do that. But one of these days he will turn into a big shot like Chilly Pepper and won't be so dependent. Then it will be trickier.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 2:38 AM

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Comments: He's gotten so big!! oh my stars i remember when you posted that first picture introducing Palomino's newsest rescue! I loved following along in your blog Mrs. Farley!

  He is so huge and beyond beautiful! How wonderful is this to see!!! God Bless Honey Bandit -- one of His angels.
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