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Terri Farley
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Honeybandit's Band

Dear Readers,
Here's a note from Palomino.

Honey Bandit finally has his "BAND," his own little "family", made up of the two minis and Suri. It is wonderful to see the four of them playing together and watch the interaction as they each find their own place in the pecking order. It won't be long before Princess Suri rules, as she will definitely be the lead mare.

She is quite comical when she gets her milk. I have to distract DaBubbles, as he thinks that he should have it, and would take it away if he could. At the very end he gets to help "clean up" the bowl. The other night I went out to give her more milk and DaBubbles was on the floor, with his feet stretched straight out in front of him, the milk bowl firmly in between his hooves.

[Readers, I can just imagine this, can't you?]

When Suri gets tired of DaBubbles, she backs up, nearly sitting on him. Then she bottom-bumps him. That little girl has attitude and she's recovering energy. For a baby her age, she is as fast as lightning.

Honey Bandit is amazing. He is so beautiful and just continues to improve. His big strong neck is almost "studly". When he arches it and does his little prance, you can feel the power he has as he moves beside you. He has come so far from the pile of bones and carcass, and continues to grow bigger and stronger daily. He is going to be a very solid horse. Wouldn't it be great if, someday, we're able to ride him as he runs across the land.
For now, he is safe and happy and well, thanks to all of you.

We are still trying to raise funds for Suri's surgery, and I want to thank everyone who has helped our rescue and these beautiful babies.

God Bless you so much! P & the critters

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