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Terri Farley
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Monday, June 06, 2011

Suri runs & plays

Dear Readers,
Here are some quick updates from Palomino.
> It is amazing what prayers and love can do for a little orphan. Yesterday we took Suri out into the round pen. The weather has been horrible, rainy and cold, dreary and gray.So we grabbed the few minutes of "no rain" that we could and brought Suri out into the round pen. She was ready to go and bucked and ran and slam, slid right onto her side. She had her blanket on, so she slid several feet and got up and started again Twice more she went mud diving..then her little brain was churning and when she started to run you could see the difference in the way she placed her feet. After that, it was bucking and running and sliding to a stop right at the last minute. That little girl is smart.

>Today, we took her to the lower field and she had a blast. She ran and ran and ran. Her tail was up and that little girl can float without even touching her feet to the ground. She is poetry in motion, but we could tell that she was left repeatedly by her band, as she is in constant communication with us, never letting us out of her sight.

>Honey Bandit put on quite a show as he watched her. He demonstrated how beautiful and studly he can be. His head was up, neck arched as he floated around the pen. He can't wait to meet her

Also from Palomino: Suri still needs prayers, but is doing wonderfully compared to her start in life. We appreciate all your support as we have to get this little Princess ready to be adopted by some lucky person. I have to say that whomever is lucky enough to adopt her will need to spend some serious time with her here as she has been "left" by the bands over and over. She definitely is concerned about being left behind. But she is the biggest love you will ever meet. I can't wait till she and Honey Bandit can run and play.

If you would like to help save this little Princess and help her get through her hernia surgery (in the near future), please send your tax deductible donations to Chilly Pepper, Miracle Mustang, 30027 State Highway 44 East, Shingletown,CA 96088 or visit to help save this little miracle.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 9:31 PM

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Comments: Awwww! She's soo cute! Suri is such an energetic name and it fits her perfectly. I can't believe how quickly foals grow!

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