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Terri Farley
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hearts Wide Open: Patches & Palomino

It takes a special heart to love and let go. 

Palomino Armstrong, rescuer of all things 4-footed, has allowed her pinto mini-horse, to leave for a new home. 

Patches has been a love-and-therapy helper to both people and animals, even teaching  
mustang orphans -- like Honey Bandit, below -- how to be a horse, when he was without his  "real" family.

Now, Patches will share his affection with scads of foster children.

"I can only imagine the heartbreak they go through," Palomino said of the parents who welcome kids into their lives, "I am broken-hearted every timed we place one of the foals that we help, and they are all going to wonderful homes. "

Patches has no misgivings about his new life. After a "last minute mani/pedi," the plucky pinto walked up a ramp into the back of an SUV,  happy and relaxed to begin his next adventure. 

Happy trails, 

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