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Terri Farley
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wild Baby Mystery and Rescue

Dear Readers, 
We don't know what happened to this little mustang's mama. We do know that another mare claimed him and guarded him very jealously. She could not give him the milk he needed, but he was only 2 days old and didn't understand. So, whenever he tried to nurse, she kicked and bit him and even knocked him down.  When human helpers finally realized what was going on, the mare charged them! 
Finally the baby was saved, and given  COLOSTRUM, the first milk mammals give their young. 
Seven out of eight foals who don't get it develop serious infections.
Then, Palomino Armstrong -- rescuer of Chilly Pepper, HoneyBandit and more! -- was called and she and her husband Matt drove to pick up the baby they named Collins after a donor who helped make such expensive rescues possible

Collins dozing in the truck on the way to his new home

Collins in the foal room

 Palomino's teenage son Travis, welcomes Collins

Collins says, "Hello doggy!" 

click here to see Baby Collins Playtime video    

Click here to     Help the Babies

from Palomino:  We can really use stuff like Vaseline, paper towels, disposable gloves, and as always food. We are also trying to make sure we have enough funds to have colostrum on hand and all the emergency supplies that we need to get a help a newborn foal. Without the colostrum on hand, we can't even begin care, as that has to be the absolute first thing we give them.

Or  mail checks to CHILLY PEPPER - MIRACLE MUSTANG, 34694 Sidebottom Road, Shingletown, CA 96088.

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