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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bedtime Note from Palomino & Distressing BLM news

Dear Readers,
I'm posting Palomino's Honeybandit update and feeling a bit hopeful. I bet you will, too.

If you're up to it, though, please read the link below Palomino's note. The story is a bit hard to follow -- not because of the writer's skill, but because the writer had to untangle a skein of lies and half-truths about BLM & Honeybandit.

Almost forgot! If I'm out of touch for a day or two, it's because I'm helping with my best friend's daughter's wedding. Cooking for 100! Yikes!
At least the reception will be in a barn, where I'm at home.
Hugs to you,

Today is actually Wednesday. (says Palomino)

As we thought, HoneyBandit did so much yesterday that today he was much quieter. But that is to be expected. He still ate like crazy though. He is looking much better. Putting on some weight and his sores are getting better every day. He still kind of looks like a deer.

He is getting more feisty. When I go to take his temperature he figures he will just walk away. That is huge because before he never moved at all. When he gets his meds,he also shows that there is actually a little horse in there.

Heading for bed, this is starting to catch up with me. (good excuse to go to bed early - right).

God bless ya'll for helping.


Click here to see a photo of HoneyBandit and read the Vet's statement, which differs from earlier BLM statements BLM Vet updates his statement

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 2:01 PM

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Comments: The whole world knows, and in that people will see the dark side of the government.
Gett better HB!

And for Terri, good luck cookin for all those people, and best wishes to the happy couple!

(-Young At Heart)
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