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Terri Farley
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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Honey Bandit in trouble

Dear Readers,
Honey Bandit has been robbed of his land, his herd, and his mother.
I began sharing his story this morning; I don't know how it will end.
Thursday afternoon:BLM says Honey Bandit was rounded up by helicopter about 2 weeks ago. At Litchfield,his mom's milk dried up. He was placed in with another baby who beat up on him. Finally, he was in the hospital pen. BLM could not find his mother.
We fed Honey Bandit Foalac (mare's milk substitute). Then, armed with bags of electrolytes, we started the journey home. We stopped 4 times in 100 miles to hydrate him.
Near home, we stopped by a vet who advised me not to "baby him" ; I might wake up in the morning, he said, but the colt might not.
FRIDAY: Honey Bandit was dying. His eyes glazed over and shrunk to the back of his skull. His gums turned white and his body temperature dropped to 92, instead of the normal 100 degrees. His heart rate was 40, not 60.
We rushed him to a different vet.
"It's too bad you didn't bring him in here last night," she said.
That night, Honey Bandit stopped drinking. We had to give him fluids by syringe. We stayed up,administering probiotics, electrolytes, Foalac mixed with goats' milk, and antibiotics.
I was playing with his tongue, keeping him awake, refusing to let him sink into a coma.
"Leave him alone," the vet told me, "if he dies before we get the iv in then so be it. Let him be."
I didn't respond,but I thought: NO WAY. I'm pulling him back. He has to fight. Finally the iv was in and the fluids were starting. After 4 hours, he blinked.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:48 AM

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Comments: I just got finished being so happy about you two.

I know the best way I can help is just pray he's going to be all right. Such an adorable, loving creature. At least he can count on you.

-Young At Heart
  wow.. what a struggle.. and a remarkable event. I understand vets sometimes have to seem 'hard' and firm with animals and people because not everyone they treat can they save. But.. why would a vet say "let him be" if what Pal was doing was helping? "So be it" ? If saving a life is possible.. ANY LIFE... and there is hope.. why would there be a "so be it?"

  i dont know what to say...

all i know is like young at heart said is that i can just pray for honey to be healthy and happy which i am sure if hes with terri.. saving a life is always possible it depends on how hard you try and how hard you want it

  Rach is definetely right. If what Pal was doing is keeping him alive, why stop? I hope he's getting better.

The best of luck, but then again, luck might have nothing to do with it. Pure love always keeps a heart beating, until it cannot possibly try anymore.

Keep fighting Honey.

-Young At Heart
  Honey Bandit is now with me.
He's with my friend Palomino in Shingletown, CA., at the Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang rescue.
She's a MUCH better prepared Mustang Mama!
  Oops...sorry for that mistake. But either of you sound like your 100% prepared to take care of Honey. Chilly is going to be very lucky to have another rescued friend, I know I would be.

I'm on pins and needles even though it's like 10:00 pm. I need to know that foal is going to be all right. The suspense is killing me!
He sounds so sweet, like honey! I just couldn't live with myself if he went away. Even though I never met him, Honey Bandit just puts this magic spell on me. Now, It's like nothing else matters and I have never even been to CA!!!
Boy, do I love Horses.

-Young At Heart
  This baby is adorable, and has been through so much.
What these roundups are doing to our precious ones every day now, is so wrong and truly heartbreaking. Especially the strain on the babies is just too much. God bless Palomino for her heart beating life into him. I think he will make it, : ) on the wings of an angel.

this was posted to me on another site as a suggestion for Honey Bandit. The website for your friend Palamino doesn't have contact information or I would have sent it there ..

Here is the comment I am forwarding:

"Please call Dan Sumerel right away to see if anyone in your area has his LED light therapy unit you can treat him with. Trust me, this can do amazing things in getting the body to "wake up" with increasing blood flow and stimulating healing.. I have seen the results myself and really think it would help him in his critical state.. He is so precious and deserves everything out there available to him.. Bless you and good luck. Careen Cain Shooting Star Equine Rescue in KS.
Dan's # is 540-384-6220"
  LED light therapy unit you can treat him with...

comment: LED light therapy unit? that sounds great ! Not only does light "elevate the mood; but natural light; such as sunlight; actually increases the "feel good; be in a better mood called SEROTONIN; Serotonin is increased by Sunlight and some
Bananas and squash have Serotonin
this is why when you go outside on a sunny day for a walk...u feel better; the light helps good moods!
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