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Terri Farley
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Saturday, September 04, 2010

HONEYBANDIT: update from human mom

Readers: A tiny foal lives through a helicopter stampede, but barely survives 2 weeks in BLM care. If you would like to help, you can click & donate as little as $5: CHILLY PEPPER,Miracle Mustang Rescue Palomino brought Chilly Pepper through to good health and she's working to do it again, for Honeybandit! Help her if you can -- financially and/or with prayers!

PALOMINO'S JOURNAL: The vet gives Honeybandit a 50/50 chance of survival
If he makes it to Monday, he needs to return to the horsey hospital for more blood work and meds. We're well over $800 in expenses.

Giving Honeybandit IV fluids and syringes of Foalac/goat's milk. Jennifer brought up more supplies, including pizza, bless her heart. Abby and her friend came to visit and hand fed him alfalfa, got him to drink water & stand for awhile.

Up all night. Despite blankets, dogs are sleeping close to Honeybandit to keep him warm and licking him, too. I'm in a hammock outside his pen. We're all close enough that Matt talk to us through the bedroom window.

About 10:15pm he wanted up and when we picked him up he was soaked with, you guessed it, urine. THAT IS A GOOD THING. He also walked a little.

He is buried in blankets to keep him warm.I need to try and find an electric blanket for tonight. He is such a sick little boy.


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 4:13 PM

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Comments: such a frail and delicate little life but him and his kind stand for steangth, for the wild things that were and are still depretely trying to be.

Every single one of you mustang supporters and rescuers are in my prayers.

  Everybody's pitching in. That's just music to my ears.
NOW I can breath.

I can see all of his ribs. He must be really sick.

But with all of them helping, I just know that within Monday he's going to be a lot better.

-Young At Heart
  This is why we need to stop BLM.

I made this amazing cartoon, like the one Terri posted a while ago but very different too.
I wish I could show it to you guys.
I'll send it to you, Mrs. Terri, and see what you think.

This needs to stop.

-Young At Heart
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