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Terri Farley
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home Again, HoneyBandit & WILD HORSE EVENT TODAY!

Dear Readers,
I'm back from the wonderful wedding in the woods and gearing up for a fun wild horse event at the MACKAY MANSION on D Street in Virginia City, Nevada. From 2-6 TODAY, you can talk horses, enter a raffle for tons of fun stuff (steak dinners, books, and more) and I will be there to autograph my books and talk mustangs.

And now, from Palomino:

Hi ya'll

It's Sunday morning and it poured rain all night. Sounds kind of neat on the tin roof of the carport. Was a pretty long night though. HoneyBandit had a tough time. He was so wobbly I thought he was going to fall down. He was kind of lethargic and didn't seem to have any energy. He also seemed to have very little appetite. It is so scary when he gets like that.

Yesterday, too, he was quiet. We give him a little bucket or pan, with soaked hay and milk pellets, and he munches on that all day long, but when you look at how much is gone, it is surprisingly little.
He is eating/chewing ahead of his time, as he had to forage to survive. Normally at his age he would be nibbling and eating small amounts, but most of his "food" would be mama's milk. He is getting that by syringe, although for about 5 seconds he actually drank from a bottle. But he does not want the bottle, and the vet said that he is actually chewing partially with his gums, because that is how he survived.

BUT HE LOVES TO EAT and is one happy boy when his mouth is full!

He did actually "sit up" when he was lying down, as opposed to lying flat on his side. We have been working on that as it seems that it would be easier not only to stand up from that position, but also to nibble when he is too tired to stand up. That boy can eat pretty well lying flat on the ground with his head also flat on the ground. So being able to get off his side is a big step.

He seems to be more aware of what's going on around him, and the stitches in his eye are doing better.

Yesterday he had a visit from Danielle, a very beautiful, and much loved young lady we consider part of our family. HoneyBandit thoroughly enjoyed a very light brushing (with an ultra soft brush) from her. She has a very soft touch and is wonderful with animals, especially if they are sick or injured.
God bless Danielle for stopping and visiting with her mom.She has promised to try and come by and help me with him.

We want to thank everyone who is helping HoneyBandit throughout this journey. He is trying so hard to survive and has so much "mustang heart". We still need all your prayers! God Bless and we will pray he has little more energy and feels a little bit better today.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 12:47 PM

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Comments: Yay, Honey Bandit! I love to eat too, so we have something in common! ;)

And to Terri, have a great time at the horse show! Sounds like a lot of fun. WIsh I could be there. :)

(-Young At Heart)
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