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Terri Farley
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Friday, October 01, 2010

Frisking Around

Dear Readers,
I love this portrait of Palomino and HoneyBandit. He knows he's finally safe.
Click here for a video update on HoneyBandit!
HB on TV
The baby's pretty frisky, as you see in Palomino's update:
Today Honey Bandit and Patches got to play in one of the bigger corrals with more open space. They ran and bucked and pushed and nuzzled each other and showed how perfectly they have bonded.
It is still very scary watching HB run. He races off without a thought as to where he is going or what is in his way. It's entertaining once you know he is safe.

He has learned how to buck and actually got a little "kick" off today. He has had the worst time getting his little butt and back feet up and off the ground.

Was kind of comical tonight though. Some good friends of ours, Bob & Kathy, dropped by and we took Honey Bandit out to play with Patches. Patches wasn't having any of my ideas about running around and playing. My son had dropped hay out and he was going to EAT by golly, and nothing else.

When Honey Bandit tried to play with him, he got a nice little kick from Patches. It didn't really hurt, just let him know that Patches wasn't having any of those silly fun and games when there was perfectly good food out there. Well Honey Bandit doesn't take no lightly, and so he continued to mess with Patches. Patches decided to show a little more pop in his message this time and humped his butt against Honey Bandit and let fly.
Honey Bandit decided to "show him"!He whirled his butt around (as fast as a broken little boy can) and you could see his little brain working. Now how do I do this? My butt won't stay in the right place and I know my feet are supposed to be doing something..... After a few minutes he gave up and settled for a few nibbles on Patches.

They are bonding wonderfully and will be travelling together when we take Honey Bandit to Washington D C next spring.
I am so grateful they have each other and someday even if I missed my honeymoon, I will get to sleep with my hubby in my own bed again.

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 5:00 AM

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Comments: He's better! Still needs some work bu he's okay now. I wasn't following the blog for a while and this is news to me that he's going to Washington DC! Maybe for spring break I could go down and see America's Poster Boy!Just maybe....
That is kinda hanging in a thread but maybe I could go see. I'm really glad that he's making progress. Soon he'll be able to do everything Patches does and more!

(-Young At Heart)
  HUGS TO HONEYBANDIT...that is my motto; I sing this song to HB...

Hugs you dear little Foal;
Hugs you frisky little critter;
Hugs you brave little darlin';
Hugs and kiss to HB all the day!
Hugs and kiss to all Mustang foals!

May they find freedom one day soon!
  Why is this foal being taken to DC next Spring?? mar
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