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Terri Farley
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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

from Palomino & HoneyBandit

Today was a day filled with mixed emotions. The day started off well, except for my son's stomach ache. But he stayed home from school to rest up and "feel better".

Auntie Jennifer and Auntie Susie stayed with Honey Bandit while Matt and I went to check out an offer for some wood. We were pretty excited on the way to the historical PHILLIPS BROTHERS MILL, located in beautiful Oak Run California. The mill has been in operation since 1897, and to my knowledge is the only true "steam operated saw mill" left in the country.
Entering the driveway, you are transported back to a time we can only dream of. It makes you think of horses and buggies, and a time when life was simple, but people worked harder to survive and maybe appreciated things possibly a little bit more.
We were met by Gregg Hendrix, and while he gave us a tour -- our trailer was filled to the brim with pine and cedar siding! A multitude of up to 1 x 12 pieces of beautiful wood is on it's way to becoming Honey Bandit's nursery!!! We cannot thank Gregg and his family enough for their wonderful donation.

We also met Gregg's dad, a wonderful and interesting man. He gave me some important information for Honey Bandit's trip to Washington, having done a similar one himself.

He said we need to get ONE MEMBER OF CONGRESS to meet us there & be prepared! The more people who are with us the better, and having a solution to the problem is much better than just complaining.
So start planning your trip to Washington. A Honey Bandit convoy would be awesome. [YOU CAN COUNT ON ME, Palomino!] I imagine people would drive with us for however long they can, because this is going to be the nation's message to Congress. WE WILL NOT LET OUR TAX DOLLARS BE USED TO RUIN OUR WILD HORSES.

We drove home as the rain started to get serious. The less than up part of the "mixed emotions" was sitting in the carport listening to the rain pound on the metal roof. Normally a sound I adore, well it just brought up stress and worry. However, now that it is evening and well on the way to the 35 degrees it is supposed to get to tonight, I am feeling pretty good. God has provided the answers and the means to save Honey Bandit so far, and He will continue to do so. Today was another step towards providing him with his "foal nursery". Right now it is pretty cold, but Matt managed to stop us from flooding out. He took some railroad ties, with the help of Dalton & Travis and buried them above the carport, which caused the water to run "around" instead of into the carport. It is fine for now.
Honey Bandit is getting more like a "wild horse" every day. His reactions can be almost normal, and then he will seem to have none at all. But he is very aware of "pressure". He can get very nervous, and other times not much bothers him. But every day he is a tiny bit closer to being a "normal" foal. You can tell that he was born free. He has those reactions as opposed to being born "domestic". It's almost weird to go from a horse that was pretty much catatonic to having him be so reactive. But that is all just a sign of his brain coming back from the trauma. His hearing is still completely random, but every day that he has more reactions makes us feel like he will get it all back. He is truly amazing and we are blessed to be able to share him in this lifetime.

Thank you for all your continued love and support. God Bless. Hugs from Honey Bandit.


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Posted by Terri Farley @ 8:24 PM

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Comments: Lets just hope Honey Bandit gets his hearing returned; so if HB hears any fences or gates tampered with; he can run to safety and whinny to alert his caretakers...

HoneyBandit looks much much better!
  Sounds like an interesting place to go to, Phillips Brothers Mill. Honey Bandit is going to love his new nursery and right now his health level, to me, sounds like a 20. WHich is awesome because he wasn't even close to that when he started out with Palomino.

God Bless!

(-Young At Heart)
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