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Terri Farley
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Sunday, October 03, 2010

HoneyBandit's Saturday

Honey Bandit had a wonderful day:lots of visitors and playtime with Patches. It is really fun to watch them together and figure out their "rank". Hopefully Patches will establish that he is the "older and wiser and protector" before Honey Bandit figures out that he will be about 5 times as big as Patches.

Honey Bandit is almost tall enough for Patches to walk under. I am hoping that he doesn't "duck under" and end up lifting HB off his feet.

Yesterday we were down in the lower field playing, and Honey Bandit ran up to the top of the fence. He was behind some trees and bushes and couldn't see us. He was calling me, but he couldn't hear me answer him back.
I will be happy when his hearing improves more. He gets really upset when he calls and no one answers. However, there are times when he and the other horses whinny back and forth and I know he can hear. There is no rhyme or reason to when he can and cannot hear, but hopefully every day it will get better.

Matt (my hubby) kind of laughed and said that "Honey Bandit and I are the same. Neither one of us is smart enough to stop before we drop."

That is probably Honey Bandit's best asset. That is what pushed him through death and kept him alive and fighting when most others would not have made it. It is also what we have to watch out for. He and Patches were out in the field today, and he was dragging so badly. He could hardly stand he was so tired, but he was going to follow Patches around and no way was he going to lay down.

So I had to do the "mom" thing and bring him back for his nap. Once he reached our little "room", he crashed onto his bed for a nice long nap. Honey Bandit and I are just starting to really do the "bonding" thing. It is very difficult to bond with anyone who is pretty much in a walking coma. Since he has started coming back to life this past week, he is actually aware of who is around him and is starting to react to some sounds at random times. It is frustrating, because he will be looking for me and whinnying and he doesn't know that I am not ignoring him. That could bring back bad memories. But there ARE times when he does seem to be responding. There is still no rhyme or reason to when or what he reacts to, but with every response there is more hope that he will get his full hearing back. There could still be swelling in his brain or head and it could take awhile for it to go away. I am just so thankful that he does get to hear some things.

Tomorrow we are "rearranging" corrals so Honey Bandit has a bigger area to "lounge around in". He still gets to go play in the "big boy corral", but until he learns to either stop and rest, or just simply gets back the normal stamina a little guy like he should have, he will have to stay where we can monitor him.

Hugs to all, Honey Bandit and Palomino

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 12:02 PM

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