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Terri Farley
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Monday, October 04, 2010

Help Track Down the Bad Guy

Dear Readers,
Someone is threatening the safety of Honey Bandit, Chilly Pepper and their pasture pals. If you can help, please let us know asap!
First, the good news --
Palomino reports that Honey Bandit had a quiet Sunday, though he did appreciate his expanded play pen. Now he has room to run and explore.
Two of his aunties came over to babysit and brush him and Palomino reports Honey Bandit is changing color.
Most of you know that lots of white horses are born black, but WHAT IS YOUR GUESS about Honey Bandit's changing coat?
"He looks so different," Palomino says, "His wounds are healing nicely and I can no longer describe him as having a 'bony little butt.'"
But something is wrong in Honey Bandit's world and he doesn't even know it.
Palomino says that someone is opening their gates, tampering with fencing and in general, committing acts that could result in the death or injury to the horses.
They have found panels tampered with, pins removed so that they are open far enough to allow the horses to escape onto a highway on which the speed limit is 55 mph.
Request from Palomino:
"We are with Honey Bandit 24/7, but we need to find a way to catch this predator before any harm comes to our critters.
Does anyone have a camera we could borrow for a month?????
We need one that works in the dark and is motion activated, so the intruder can be arrested and prosecuted. These mustangs have all been through enough, and we need to keep them safe."

If you can loan Palomino a motion sensing camera, contact her at

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 4:21 PM

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Comments: We had a similar problem with our horses....check out my pic "can you solve my puzzle" This boy had been let out of his shed and the board put back....our Mini had her latch removed from her paddock and gate was almost open....and wire had been taken down on my teens paddock.....answer was to put chains and locks on Sheds and paddock at night, and double the wire and different insulators..........don't understand the reasons why stupid people do stupid is cruel..............!!!!
  My first thought was to get some of the stickers you can get at the security places and placing them around.
Second thought was check on ebay or amazon for the camera.
Third, hang bells on chains, gates, fencing.
Fourth, get a few of the motion activated sensors that go off when someone walks in front of it.
Really makes me angry that people have to go to such measures to protect themselves as well as their furry family members.
  If not a camera, is there anyone Ms. Armstrong knows that can stand guard? Perhaps shifts could be taken and if nessesary.. a call for arms. Its a shame that there are people out there who would do someting like that.. no doubt for some financial issue or revenge. But they will NEVER win.

  hey i like that; put bells on the fences and gates; bingo...they could also put a bell on HB like they used to do in the old days...
  THE NERVE! Really? I mean its bad enough that little guy's got it rough, but now someone wants him on the highway!!! If I were them I'd be helping instead of hastling the poor people! Shame.....shame....shame!

Good luck and God bless!

(-Young At Heart)
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