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Friday, April 15, 2011

Silver Lining for a Golden Filly

at left, March photo, Lisa Friday
below, April photo, BLM

Dear Readers,
Did you see the injured buckskin filly in Lisa Ann Friday's March 15 video of the Utah BLM corrals? The Cloud Foundation made the footage public last week and journalists worldwide recognized a story which had to be shared.
I was still in Texas when I posted my Saturday, April 9 blog about the mud and blood in Butterfield corrals. Watching from the clean warmth of my Dallas hotel room, I felt guilty until I flashed on the day before.
For 6+ hours I'd been "chauffeured" across Texas by Sherry, a smart, funny, kind-hearted school librarian and her tolerant husband Bill. On our way to Bloomburg school (250 K-12 students), we talked about everything, including Sherry's yearning for her own DARK SUNSHINE - a buckskin mustang. And there she was, in need of rescue.
Phone calls blazed and emails bounced between Nevada, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.
TODAY I learned Sherry and Bill have been approved to adopt the filly. Bill is designing a ranch environment for her. Sherry is fielding student offers to visit and comfort the filly -- young hearts reaching out to a wild heart.
When she arrives next month, the mustang will be called Wild Cat in honor of the Bloomburg school mascot.
I believe Bloomburg students are natural storytellers. I believe Wild Cat will become part of local lore, and the story of her life will change the lives of her kind.
Happy trails,

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Posted by Terri Farley @ 10:57 AM

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Comments: That is an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing! I hope we can see some pics when WC isn't caked in mud and her golden coat shines through

  And they still haven't cleaned up the pens. I was SPECIFICALLY told by the lady I spoke to in SL that all the pens were on a cleaning rotation. Seems to me that by now this pen shouldda been cleaned up.

I'm happy that this horse is going to someone who gives a rat's rear end about the horses. I hope they both learn to spend quiet happy times together and that the mare finds some humans are really better equipped to handle their needs than others.
  I really hope they will consider adopting a second mustang, my heart bleeds every time I see a lone horse in a field, they are herd animals and need other horses for companionship too!! So glad she is going to a good loving home though and look forward to seeing updates on her!!
  Lori, the family has three other horses, so Wildcat's new place will smell like home when she arrives!
According to BLM 200 horses were moved out of the facility yesterday.
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