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Terri Farley
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Dear Readers: You win

Dear Readers,  
You emailed hundreds of times, asking me to take you back to River Bend Ranch.  So, I wrote a short book doing just that.  And then I wrote more and more.  The novella that I gave you last Christmas has about 30 new pages. 

Of course you know that Sam has a secret name for the Phantom, but did you know the PHANTOM HAS A SECRET NAME FOR SAM, TOO? 



                          Here's a peek at PHANTOM, THE PROTECTOR.

It's been a year since an avalanche sealed the Phantom's herd in Wild Horse Valley. They're living on dwindling resources, when a sudden thaw allows the wild horses to escape through a secret tunnel.

Back on their home range, they gallop toward a trap full of tasty feed. The corral sits on land belonging to convicted felon, Linc Slocum. His plan to build a fly-in golf course does not include wild horses, so he's working with BLM to strip the lands bordering Riverbend Ranch of mustangs.

Samantha Forster wants to work with her best friend Jen Kenworthy, her pal Jake Ely and his brother Seth to free the mustangs legally, but when the Phantom protects his family by facing a hotshot helicopter pilot who only cares about his paycheck, how far should Sam go to help the horse she loves?

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