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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coming Attractions in still-April newsletter!

HI -- I just heard from Wonderful Willa, my website wizard, that she'll be able to finish up my April newsletter today!
If you haven't already subscribed, here's a link:
Do it fast! You won't want to miss the winner of the Phantom Stallion book trailer contest, A Foal Alone: the true story of Rocky, and a preview of Writin' Riders, a writing conference on horseback, through the Wild Horse Sanctuary home of the real Phantom Stallion and a link to tell the BLM what you think of their newest round-up on the West's wild horses.
Happy trails,


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update from Palomino

 Dear Readers,
Here's the latest update from Palomino, about baby Rocky. Enjoy!  Terri


Just a quick note.  Rocky is doing wonderfully.  He is in Dayton with Matt and I, and our friends are staying with the boys to "watch the farm" haha.
Rocky, pretty boy

We went for his first "walk down the real road" tonight.  He did very well, but he did think that the cars were extremely scary the first time one went by.  But by the 3rd one, he wasn't quite so scared.  He is learning his commands quite quickly and is growing into a very strong young colt.  He would approach the other horses in the corral and stop about a foot away.  He isn't acknowledging them yet, but he will when he is ready.  
Rocky meets a scary horsey!

Every time Rocky met someone (people) new he would sniff them, back up, pin back his ears and stomp his feet.  I kept feeling like he was looking for someone.  I believe he was, as when he sniffed Shirley today, he definitely did not pin his ears or back up.  He started nuzzling her and seemed right at home.  Shirley was the first one who fed Rocky when we got him and he definitely is not forgetting her.  He was so excited to see her!  It's like his long lost mommy is back.  So he has two mommies for now.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rocky Gets Sassy

Rocky sasses the Doberman
 Dear Readers -- Wow, are we lucky! Another update from Palomino & her four-footeds.  Enjoy! Terri
HI ya'll  

Here are a couple of pix of our little Terror.  Just kidding - he is definitely one who is happy with himself and knows what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it.

He scared me to death today though.  He was outside and some friends were over and he started screeching.  Sounded like he was dying.  But he just wanted to let us know that HE IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION TO.  I was truly scared though = cuz it sounded awful.  But he was fine and just making sure we knew he was there.

Now that he has passed the 3 week mark we are deciding who to put in with him.  I would love to put HB in, but he is simply not fast enough if Rocky starts to let fly.  HB is very happy, but kind of like an old man.  So we will either put DaBubbles or Patches in with him.  Even though it is extremely important, it is always a little bit nerve racking to put babies with others.  Rocky is quite a bit bigger than the mini's, and i know kicking and playing is an inherent part of what they do, but I still worry.....  Oh well - guess all the mommies do.

He was pretty mad because he didn't get to decide when playtime was over and I made him play outside for a little bit longer than he wanted.  He stood outside the door and gave me the "what for".  

It's funny, because he wants to eat everything that exists, or at the very least chew on it.  And he can reach further and further.  Pretty soon I will have everything so high I won't be able to reach it either.  But I give him an apple and he does great.  He gets to chew and I don't have to worry about what he is chewing.

Hopefully these pix are all the correct size for easy viewing.

He is getting lots of visitors and we welcome ya'll.

Palomino & The Gang

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Sunday update from Palomino & Rocky

Dear Readers, 
Here's the latest from the land of rescued foals! Terri

Hi ya'll,

Sorry it has been awhile.  Rocky is doing wonderfully.  His tummy issues seem to be settling down and he is growing so fast.  

Last night Suri's mama, Denise, called me up and was pretty upset.  Suri (one of the foals that came from Nevada to our rescue last spring) had managed to cut her head wide open.

So "Grandpa Pat", (he and his wife Teresa are the folks that loan us the "foal room" in Nevada when we pick up these little ones) drove me down to Denise's.  (I had just taken some pain pills for my knee so didn't want to drive.)  The vet couldn't locate any of his techs, so he was going to give her some antibiotics and pain meds and come back the next day to stitch her up.  But Denise told him we were on the way so we were able to get her all stitched up.  She got 10 stitches, which would have been way more on a person as they put the stitches much further apart.  

When we arrived, Denise had kept Suri calm and I was extremely proud of both of them.   If Denise had not been putting in the time and effort and training she has with Suri, the whole ordeal would have been much worse for everyone all around.  It was exhausting, as it always is when one of your "kids" is hurt.  But considering the injury, all went extremely well.  

However......  Rocky did not make it quite so easy on  Dalton.  As soon as we left he took off his diaper and then was kind enough to leave a present on the floor for Dalton.  After "clean up on Aisle Rocky", Dalton was going to put a diaper on him, but that did not happen.  Then Rocky proceeded to make some more messes before we got home, but all in all, everything was ok.   Dalton did a wonderful job making sure that Rocky was safe, and as they say, all's well that ends well.  Suri even has pretty stitches.

Headin' off for bed now.  Hope you all had a wonderful day.

Palomino & The Gang

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