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Terri Farley
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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Gov. Sandoval: Rein in the Runaway Nevada Department of Agriculture

Sherry T. Snider photo

Dear Governor Sandoval:
The January 4 trap-and-snatch of wild horses from the Rhodes Road equestrian community of Reno is yet another mistake by the Nevada Department of Agriculture.
The public has repeatedly volunteered to work with this department to help home-owners obey the fence-out law in Nevada, but the  Department of Agriculture continues to waste money and good will by scurrying to do the bidding of a few wealthy people.
Department of Ag should enter into the long-discussed on-the-range-management cooperative agreement with advocates immediately. We have our Western boots on the ground and we're ready to implement humane management, but the Department of Agriculture continues to dawdle.
Responsible property owners understand that if they don't want wild horses on their property, they must fence them out. It's that simple.
These iconic wild horses are not only a tourist draw, they delight the eyes and hearts of most Nevadans.
Please take a stand for the law, and take charge of this runaway agency. 
Terri Farley

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