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Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of the Year HONEY Update

Dear Readers,
Here's a new update from Palomino and I think you'll enjoy the image of all of these Shingletowners cuddled up together. Palomino mentions HoneyBandit's Christmas photo and I got a copy in my Christmas card, but I'll have to locate it online so that I can share it with you!
Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

I'm sitting on the bed, looking out into Honey Bandit's stall. We just switched DaBubbles over to hang out with Patches. The other stall was too small for Honey Bandit and Patches, and it is easier to watch Honey Bandit with him right next to me. DaBubbles had been next to me prior to this. Since the three of them have been playing together, we thought that Patches and DaBubbles would be okay together.

Honey Bandit needs special feed, and Patches has been gaining too much weight, so this will be easier. However, I feel bad because DaBubbles wants to be back closer to us. Honey Bandit is stoked though. He is thinking that he is the bomb and is really liking being inches away from us again.

I have to brag a teeny tiny bit about our guy. When you pour his feed into his bucket, if you tell him to "wait", he will. He bobs his head up and down until you tell him "it is okay, good boy". He hates it, but is pretty good about waiting.

Well, I have now spent the last half hour getting Patches settled in his little stall, away from DaBubbles. He was not playing nice, so he is on "time out" and sleeping where he cannot thrash on the little guy. Tomorrow he will be able to come back and play, but for now he has to learn better manners.

On the way he got a little "pedicure" and got his feet trimmed. My son thought I was a little bit nuts to be trimming feet after 9 PM, but hey, you gotta "git ER done" when you get a chance.

When you look at this picture, remember that we brought Honey Bandit home on September 2. As of January 2, we will have had him 4 months. I forget how tiny he was, but this picture shows what all of us have worked together to achieve. He went from about 120# to about 300#. We cannot ever thank everyone who is part of this miracle enough. Your generosity, donations, time and love make this possible.

I will be posting some more photos. I have to say that Honey Bandit is ecstatic to be back next to us. He is laying down as close as he can possibly get to us. More photos should be on Chilly Pepper's website or on Facebook in the next few days.

Sorry it took so long to "get back". Ha ha. Am still trying to get every thing set up on the computer. I do have to set the record straight, once again. I cannot take credit for Honey Bandit's Christmas photo. One of his wonderful Aunties, took the photos and printed them all for us to put in the remaining Christmas cards. Without all of the wonderful "aunties" that Honey Bandit has, we would not be getting much done except taking care of him. So I have to send out another thank you to his aunties that made the all the Christmas cheer happen.

God Bless! Love Honey Bandit & the Gang!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Girl, two horses and a dream come true

Dear Readers,
Photographer Pam Nickoles shares her beautiful wild horse images with the world,and she couldn't have guessed that a teenage girl named would fall in love with a beautiful mustang stallion and end up saving his daughter.
You can read part of the story here:

Dream Horse

and the rest on Tess' blog, here: Tess and her mustang foal
Enjoy this happy story!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Before Christmas Dawn, with HoneyBandit

Dear Readers,
Here's a fun update from Palomino! Enjoy.
And thanks to ALLLLLL of you for Christmas greetings from all over the world.
You warm my heart!

Thump, thump, thump,...... I hear a noise, and roll over. Honey Bandit is standing facing Patches in the middle of the stall. I look at the clock. You guessed it, it's about 3:00 a.m.

I have been quite worried about the fact the guys haven't been able to spend much time outside in the fresh air during the last 2 - 3 weeks, due to the weather and the whole cat thing. Honey Bandit, of course, has been quite content to stay in his "stall" and munch away. They have gotten outside occasionally, but not as often as is ideal. So of course when Honey Bandit does decide to get energy "to play", it is in the middle of the night. I guess I should be happy he is so predictable. Ha ha.

As I rolled over to see what was going on, wishing desperately that I was asleep, I saw Honey Bandit lift his front leg as high as he can, and then slam it down, trying to hit Patches. Patches had backed into Honey Bandit, taking a defensive stance where HB couldn't make contact with his hoof.

As I lay there watching, Honey kept up the thumping. Suddenly he looked at me. All at once he was this sweet angel Honey Bandit. Standing watch over his little brother. He looked me in the eye and nickered softly. Telling me what a good brother he was and how he was taking care of Patches.

I rolled over, with the silly idea that I might go to sleep, when I heard it again. I looked at HB again, and as soon as I rolled back over he stopped. The angel was back. I again rolled over to to go sleep, and then it happened. Just as Patches tried to sneak one in, baring his little teeth and going for HB's chest, I heard the hit. Thud, HB's hoof landed right on Patches' nose. He stopped for a minute, shook his head, licked his lips a couple times and changed tactics. He whirled around, extending into a full out extension of his little body. Standing at his full height, (which isn't very much), he charged HB. HB reared slightly, and the fight was on. The stall area is barely adequate for sleeping, and add two little horses bouncing around, you achieve chaos. They were play fighting, dancing around the stall, pushing and shoving and rearing and bouncing off the walls. As much as I want Honey Bandit to feel like playing, I wouldn't totally mind if they did it in daylight. :)

After awhile they settled down. Several hours later, I opened the door and all three horses went outside. HB was lagging behind as usual, again completely happy to saunter out,as opposed to Patches and DaBubbles who went tearing out at warp speed. Patches, who is the "king" of those three horses, started pushing DaBubbles around. Now DaBubbles is about a 100 pounds lighter than Patches, but has the heart of a fighter. This is what helped him fight to stay alive after being mauled by the mountain lion. Well, our little tough guy, let fly with both feet, planting his tiny little hooves firmly on Patches' chest. Then he took off at a full little gallop, running sideways, bucking and kicking all the way. He is the sweetest little guy, but the only horse I have ever seen that could run sideways full speed. I have a feeling that DaBubbles may end up being the boss quite soon.

So although HB continues to be "Mr. Mellow", he did get his little "buck on" for a couple minutes last night. That is a good sign, although his timing was questionable.

Since the fateful day that Honey Bandit joined "our world", he has more than doubled his weight. He has grown at least a foot, and is getting more beautiful each day. He sends his love and HB kisses to all, and would like to thank everyone for continuing to help him grow up to be a big, strong, healthy representative for the wild mustangs.

Merry Christmas to All! Have a Blessed Holiday, from Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang and the Gang!


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Friday, December 24, 2010


Dear Readers,
Thanks so much for the wonderful comments on REMEMBER THE COLT, the short prequel to the PHANTOM STALLION series. If you're a subscriber to my newsletter, you should have received it last night.
Want to read comments from those who've already finished it? Go to the post from Friday Dec. 17 -- you'll recognize it by the sweet black colt -- then scroll down to the bottom & read the comments.
Have a wonderous Christmas Eve!


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Saturday, December 18, 2010

HoneyBandit and pals survive storm

Dear Readers --
We haven't heard from Palomino for a while because the stomp from DaBubbles tiny hoof ruined her computer. She's got a new one though and just in time to tell us the news.

Hi ya'll,

We are finally back in the world of today. It is amazing how important our computers are, when we are trying to stay in touch.

Honey Bandit says hi, and wow, what a storm. We had a tremendous storm in Shingletown last night. I am sure many other places were hit by this system also. Kind of sounded like a car wash, the way the rain pounded against the carport. The winds were howling, beating and pulling at the metal roof. Poor DaBubbles was standing in the middle of the stall, obviously stressed by the sounds outside. I think he thought his little stall was going to fly away. I lay there feeling powerless, wondering what was happening outside. The trees were almost wailing, scratching the sides of the carport in an eerie tune. I too, was waiting for the roof to fly away. But the rains pounded down. and the winds blew like crazy and all was still well, when morning came.

It is amazing how small we really are in the scheme of things. The unrelenting power that comes from our skies can change things at will. We were lucky, no real damage, unless you count the driveway. The first barrage flooded our yard again, digging huge gashes in our driveway. (Kind of reminds me of my scars on my leg when I see them.) But aside from the "scars", there was no real lasting damage.

We took Honey Bandit, Dabubbles and Patches out in the upper field on the one day that we had clear skies. Although Honey Bandit continues to not have much energy, he is a very happy boy. He loves to eat, eat and eat. (kind of like me Click Me!). He is such a beautiful boy. We have been fortunate enough to be contacted by several people who specialize in supplements that can help a horse in his condition. We are pretty sure that he still has neurological deficiencies, (which could account for his getting cast so often), and he could also have ulcers from everything he has been through. We are treating him for these symptoms and hoping that with time he will be 100% back to "normal".

As long as Honey Bandit is happy and feeling well, it won't matter if he does have special needs. We will always make sure that whatever he needs he gets. He has already made a huge difference in this world. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. The people we have met, because of HB, are amazing, and I will always feel blessed to have ya'll for friends.

We are trying to think of the perfect pictures that we could use for his "HONEY BANDIT, AMERICA'S POSTER HORSE TO STOP THE ROUNDUPS". One of his smart aunties asked me about that, and we really need to get an "official" poster. Since he is "all of ours", I thought we could use everyones input and choose the most popular pictures. So, anyone who has ideas, send them either to myself or Terri Farley and we can get our "official Honey Bandit" posters made.

Now is a crucial time in the fight to stop the round ups. If anyone is interested in travelling to Las Vegas during the Summit of the Horses, (the "slaughter meeting"), please let me know. We need to make a stand. There is a lady from back east, who is talking about using Honey Bandit's picture on a billboard in Las Vegas during that time. I really feel like we all need to pull together now. Anyone who is interested, please contact me.

Palomino Armstrong
30027 State Highway 44 East
Shingletown, CA 96088

p.s. I am still working on setting up the new computer, so please be patient.


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Friday, December 17, 2010


Dear Readers,
Loads of you asked me to write a return to River Bend Ranch, so I'm doing it. My holiday gift to my newsletter subscribers is a short prequel to the series. It's called REMEMBER THE COLT and it stars a foal just like this one.
If you're not sure if you've subscribed to my newsletter, you can sign up here: here
Have a wonderful December day!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Galloping over Kindles and iPads

Dear Readers,

Every book I've written
(including the elusive RENEGADE, above!) is available for Kindle and iPad, but I haven't seen one of my books on a Kindle or iPad screen.
If you have PHANTOM STALLION, WILD HORSE ISLAND or SEVEN TEARS INTO THE SEA in this format,and can manage to take a photo of it, will you please email a copy to me? I'll post it as soon as I get one, for the rest of you, too!


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Update from Palomino

Dear Readers,
You are the absolute best! Not only are my emails full of love and concern for a mustang foal you've never met, but readers of all ages approached me at my last booksigning (two with tears in their eyes) to ask how HoneyBandit was doing.
Foals growing up without mothers' milk have a tough time developing like normal horses. Though HoneyBandit has human friends, people I've talked with who've raised motherless mustangs say that the ups and downs that HB is experiencing are to be expected.
It's still sad and worrisome, but I know Palomino. Believe me, she is giving these at-risk animals all her best.
Thanks for having open hearts!
Talk with you again tomorrow,
From Palomino:
Honey Bandit is still exhibiting a low energy level, but his bodily functions are pretty normal now. He is just a big bundle of sweetness. Unfortunately, he is still getting cast nearly every night. (For those of you who wanted to know what I mean by "cast", he simply lays down and is unable to get up due to being "stuck", usually against a wall.) He will end up with his legs folded and smashed against the sides of the stall etc. He seems to be on the same side about 99 % of the time, so we are still hoping it is a neurological issue that he will outgrow in time.

If not, well it looks like we will be sleeping together the rest of our lives. Hee hee. Although I use the words "sleeping together" extremely lightly. He gets to sleep, but I still hear every little noise they make. My hubby said "I am the worst sleeper ever". Part of that is due, of course, to the fact that I have chronic pain, and sleep very little anyway. Boy does that fact come in handy with these guys.

Patches decided to surprise me and jump up into the "raised" part of the carport. It is about a 22" jump, and he just hopped into our area. Of course he managed to wreak major havoc in the few minutes he was up here. What a mess. But he was very cute and thought that everything was here for his entertainment. There is never a dull moment here.

All three of the guys are hanging out together during the day now. (When they are outside.) We are staying busy taking care of the gang and trying to get ready for Christmas.


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Monday, December 13, 2010

Curl Up with a notepad - link repaired!

Dear Reader/Writers,
Many of you are at work on your own fiction and some of you will have more time for story projects around the holidays, so take a look at the contest below and, if you've never visited, take a trot around my Writer's Corner page. You might start with my Writing Tips
and then check out the Q & A. Enjoy!



Fiction involving an embarrassing moment


Three prizes of $1,000 or tuition for the Highlights Foundation Writers Workshop at Chautauqua.


All entries must be postmarked between January 1 and January 31, 2011.


No entry form or fee is required.

Entrants must be at least 16 years old at the time of submission.*

We welcome work from both published and unpublished authors. All submissions must be previously unpublished.

Stories may be any length up to 750 words. Stories for beginning readers should not exceed 475 words. Indicate the word count in the upper right-hand corner of the first page of your manuscript.

Include your name and the title of your story on your manuscript.

No crime, violence, or derogatory humor.

Entries not accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope will not be returned.

Manuscripts or envelopes should be clearly marked FICTION CONTEST. Those not marked in this way will be considered as regular submissions to Highlights.


Highlights for Children
803 Church Street
Honesdale, PA 18431


The three winning entries will be announced on in June 2011. These stories will become the property of Highlights for Children and will be published by Highlights. All other submissions will be considered for purchase by Highlights.

* We're sorry that we cannot consider contest entries from children under the age of 16. Young writers are welcome to submit their work for consideration elsewhere in the magazine. Guidelines are available online

Fiction Writing Contest

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Love Working Wonders

photo by Jennifer Gillespie

Dear Readers,
Here's mini horse DaBubbles one month after he was attacked by a cougar.
If you've read my books, you know that those of us who live among wild animals take risks. It's interesting and wonderous to see how quickly DaBubbles has healed.
Still, you know your tender-heartedness better than anyone, so think before you view this video of first day damage to DaBubbles' neck

p.s. That IS Palomino in the shot above. Her hair looks red because of the heat lamp used to keep the critters warm.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010


photo by NewInfo2day
Dear Readers,
Which books have made you cry?
I'm talking about gut feeling, here, not appreciation for great literature.
Can you remember a story or character that caught and squeezed your heart so that you couldn't stop the tears
--even though you knew the characters didn't exist in the real world
--even though they weren't flesh or fur, simply ink on a page
--even though you knew you could close the book cover and walk away?
Please share,


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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesday: HoneyBandit & Da Bubbles

Dear Readers,
Here's the most recent news from Palomino and the critters:

Finally, a day that wasn't too wet and too cold for the babies to go outside. Today we were letting DaBubbles play with Honey Bandit. We opened the big door and DaBubbles was off like a shot. Bucking and twisting, running sideways, speeding around like a big furry ping pong ball. Three days of couped up energy blowing off all at once. Man was he happy to be "free", and outside in the fresh air with a little bit of room to run.

Honey Bandit looked outside, sighed a little bit and proceeded to stand still in the doorway. Eventually he moved out. He was in slow motion, and his eyes were kind of dull. Honey Bandit was not feeling so well.

Kathy, one of HB's aunties, had come to visit and bring some goodies for the horses. What a wonderful thing for her to drive down from so far away. We took HB outside for some pictures. He walked along calmly, stopping, backing up and doing just what he was asked. His spark was no where to be found. He has also had an upset "system" for a few days. We have been watching him closely, wanting to make sure that nothing bad was really going on. But today, his energy was so low that we wanted to take him to the vet to make sure nothing serious was going on. Right away the vet could tell that he didn't feel well. However, aside from his gums being a little bit "too pink", and his lack of energy, nothing obvious was showing. His blood work looks great. PTL for that one. His lungs finally sound good, really good, so she was thinking it must be some type of "tummy" thing.

So we brought him home with some meds to make his tummy feel better. It's hard when they don't feel well. I kept trying to tell myself he lacked energy because he was growing so fast, but the little guy doesn't feel well. Guess I just didn't want to believe it. But I do have to remember, when you are recovering from being ill or weak, it takes time. So say a prayer that HB feels better, and that I remember to be patient. Click Me! He is still eating, of course! He is also in the mood for extra loves. It's like he just wants us to "hold him"....

When we got home he didn't want to get out of the trailer. It was like he was saying, "I just want to chill in my favorite place.". So I left him there for awhile. I took out a blanket and put it on him so he wouldn't get cold, as the temperature was dropping quickly. After about 1/2 hour I went out and he came back inside. He was pretty happy by then to go in and eat.

I am sure he will be okay, but it is so scary when he starts acting like that. We will just watch him and love him and make sure he doesn't feel worse. We could certainly use lots and lots of prayers that he will feel better.

On a little lighter note, DaBubbles surprised us today. When he was running and playing, he decided to try and fly over the 6 foot chain link fence. He kind of "bounced off it", (it has a lot of give), looked at it again, and went merrily on his way. The next time he ran up to that fence, he put on his brakes, slid right up to it, nosed it and ran off, bucking and kicking. He had such a good time. I have to tell you though, it was quite entertaining watching him.

So all in all the day turned out okay. Hopefully Honey Bandit will feel better soon and we are thankful that his blood work and lungs are good.

Hope all is well with ya'll.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Beautiful Oshunnah!

Dear Readers,
You've enjoyed lots of Cat Kindsfather's photographs. We have been sidekicks at round-ups and treks to wild horse corrals all over California and Nevada. But I like this one of Cat's photos because she's adopting this beautiful Medicine Hat mare.
We saw this mare together on the day Tuscaroara mustangs were first trucked into Palomino Valley. With a foal by her side, Oshunnah was clearly the VERY VIGILANT lead mare.
Now, her foal has been taken away, but Oshunnah will be under Cat's protection in January.
Cat tells me that Oshunnah is Apache for Spirit of the Earth
Isn't she lovely?

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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Palomino & Animals on Forgiveness

Dear Readers,
Do you think my stories of love & trust between animals & people are far-fetched? Don't. Unlikely bonds and cross-species friendships can tell us something important.
_________________________________from Palomino:
As I look at Honey Bandit, happily munching his hay, I wonder, does his story matter to many people? Will we be able to use the knowledge we obtained, watching him fight the impossible odds? Are we smart enough, and kind enough, to know that we need to make some serious changes?

I hope so. When you actually live with the animals, pretty much 24/7, you have time to observe so much. They are incredibly forgiving. I know that we all need to be able to forgive in our lives. When you don't have forgiveness, you end up filled with hate and bitterness. Animals seem to have a way of letting the poison go.

Right now we have a rescued cat that was happily playing with her friend the dog, when the dog got too rough, injuring her. She had a broken rib and a punctured lung. It was a simple case of playing too hard. I was terrified that she had a fatal injury. You would think she would be terrified of dogs after that - right? No, she is not scared at all. Do you know why she is not scared? She isn't scared because she knows that it was an accidental injury. If the dog she was playing with had intentionally tried to hurt or kill her, she would have been terrified. But she knew there was no harm intended. Animals are blessed with an incredible amount of forgiveness.

In fact, she was relentlessly following Chino around tonight. She came up to where he was lying down and tried to crawl on him. He gave a little grumble./growl, and I told him to knock it off. So he got up and kept moving in circles, trying desperately to get away from her. We were laughing so hard we could hardly take the pictures. In the end she won. :) He laid down in DaBubble's stall, and she climbed "into his arms".

I wish that we, as people, could learn to be so forgiving. I guess it is hard to remember sometimes, that no one can undo anything that has been done. I know in my lifetime I have made so many mistakes I couldn't possibly count them all. Honey Bandit was a mistake, as he was "lost in the shuffle". It shouldn't have happened, but once everyone became aware, actions were taken to save him. We need to focus on the fact that if we work together, we can accomplish amazing things. Honey Bandit is a perfect example of that. All we can do is start from this exact second in time and try to change what we know needs changed.

If you look closely at Honey Bandit, you can see that he is an example of a miracle. We came together and made a difference. I know that Honey Bandit is happy now. He still doesn't like things flying above his head too much, but other than that, his life is good. However, we need to make sure that his story does make a difference. One thing I learned, is that one random act of kindness, will lead to hundreds of acts of kindness.

Honey Bandit and Patches had a nice day, enjoying part of it outside when the weather held. HB still doesn't quite have "normal' energy for a foal his age, but I think maybe he is just spending all his energy growing. He is beautifully put together (although I am a tiny bit prejudiced), and I think he will be a big horse. So many of the horses at Litchfield seem to have ancestors who had some draft in them. They are so beautiful, and incredibly big and strong. It is amazing how the mustangs in different areas have such different traits.

DaBubbles wounds are looking so much better. I didn't think they were that different until I saw a video from the first day. UGH. Those cuts were so deep and gaping and you could see all the way into the middle of his neck. So compared to that they look fabulous. Click Me!

We are staying relatively warm, and just a teeny bit wet. Actually there is only one little spot on the roof that leaks now, so we are doing way better than we were before. We are hoping to get some insulation and put it in before the weather gets too cold again. But all is well in Shingletown, and the horses are lying down, resting up for their morning games. (We still haven't caught the mountain lion, so I am not letting the little horses out very often, and only if we are there with them).

Guess what? I know it is amazing, and probably quite scary to think I actually remembered, but I did, so here is the "pertinent information" I am always being told to add. Aren't ya'll proud????, Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang, Equine Rescue & More, 30027 Highway 44 East, Shingletown, CA 96088

God Bless & Stay Safe
Honey Bandit & the gang

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Friday, December 03, 2010

Imagining Vesuvius

Dear Readers,
Those of you who loved the "volcano stuff" in FIRE MAIDEN, won't be surprised to know I'm fascinated by all things volcanic.
As a child,I saw photographs of people and animals (especially dogs, most horses were ridden out of town at a gallop)in Pompeii, a city buried by ash, pumice and lava and couldn't stop wondering why people stayed in the city when they knew they were in mortal danger.
If you're asking yourself how there could be photos of something that happened in A.D. 79,it's because archeologists who excavated Pompeii found tha the ash and pumice which fell on the dead HARDENED into a shell which preserved the shape of everything -- folds in togas, filigree decorating necklaces, bread and fruit arranged on plates and political posters on city walls.
Below you can see a Pompeii man with his dog.

I've been thinking about this because I've just finished reading POMPEII, by Robert Harris. The suspense in the book isn't in the ending any more than it was in TITANIC. Still, it creates a vivid picture of the city before the eruption. The main character is a water engineer, and it makes me want to write a book which takes place from a Pompeii teen's viewpoint and tries to answer my childhood question.
And that's the magic of books, I guess. We can safely put ourselves in a town on the verge of destruction and enjoy being there!
Have a good weekend, all.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Newest Newsletter almost ready to go

HI --
My newsletter will be out later tonight or tomorrow morning and it's a pretty fun issue, featuring a contest to name a pair of lovely mustangs and win a Breyer horse model, Not only that, I've included portraits of Sam & Jake from a reader in Jalisco and a poem from a reader in the U.S., too.
If you haven't subscribed to my free enewsletter, you can sign up here:

TERRI FARLEY newsletter

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