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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Update on Wild Horses Shipped from Palomino Valley

Dear Readers, 
My concern over empty corrals at Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Preparation Facility led me to request more details about our mustangs and their after-capture movements 

All of the information I've put in italics are taken directly from BLM sources.

"As of December 31, 2015, the number of animals at PVC are as follows: 1,129 horses and 12 burros, "

I also asked for the WHO, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of wild horse shipping. 
Although the WHY is still forthcoming, but these shipping records cover the period I asked for, from November 1 - January 1. They were secured for me by  BLM Public Affairs Specialist Jason Lutterman.

"November 5, 2015: A load of 86 horses shipped to the off-range corral in Carson City, Nevada (inmate training program)

"November 16, 2015: A load of 36 horses shipped to the off-range corral in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma.  

"November 16, 2015: A load of 36 horses shipped to the off-range corral in Bruneau, Idaho. 

"November 23, 2015: A load of 8 horses shipped to the off-range corral in Elm Creek, Nebraska. 

"December 8, 2015: A load of 34 horses shipped to the off-range corral in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma"

WHO are these horses? Their coat colors are sorrel and roan, both strawberry and blue, gray and bay, black, brown, pinto and dun.

They're as old as 15 years and as young as one.  Some were born on the range, but many are facility born. Some have strikes listed on their final shipping orders.
Strikes tell how many times a wild horse has been offered for adoption but failed to find a home. 
Three strikes aren't good.
The 3-year old bay with 4 strikes, 2-year old sorrel with 5, and three yearlings with 3 or 4 each are not protected by the BLM oversight afforded adoptees. Three strikes mustangs and horses of certain ages may be be sold outright.
 To whom? For what? If they're fortunate, they might be sold to someone with good intentions.
My Calico Mountains mare Ghost Dancer was a Sale Authority horse.

WILD HORSE HOW-TO:  Have questions about mustangs or burros in facilities other than Palomino Valley? Contact that facility directly. If the facility cannot pull the information for you, ask who can and you should be given a name and phone number/email address for someone who can. 


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